Dometic AU-DC
Chilled Water Air Handler

This air handler ensures a quiet performance due to its powerful Whispercool blower, as well as vibration isolation mounting clips. The blower is rotatable to ensure air is distributed exactly as you need it.
  • Composite drain pan
  • Quiet
  • Powerful, rotatable blowers
상품 코드: 9108798705 고객지원 페이지 방문
Dometic AU-DC
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    • Rust-free composite drain pan
    • Vibration-isolation mounts reduce noise and vibration
    • DC "WhisperCool" blowers are extremely quiet yet powerful
    • The drain pan features anti-slosh, positive-flow condensate channels
    • Components are insulated against secondary condensation
    • Single adjustment screw for 270° of blower rotation
    • Blower can be rotated to straight down position for overhead applications

Gold series onboard comfort

The Gold Series AU-DC 12,000 BTU/h 230 V/50-60 Hz/1-Ph air handler, recipient of an Honorable Mention at the 2012 International Boatbuilders Exhibition and Conference (IBEX), incorporates many innovative features, including an optional Breathe Easy™ air purifier and rust-free composite drain pan. This AU-DC model features ultra-quiet, yet powerful, "WhisperCool" DC blowers. The corrosion-resistant composite drain pan quickly removes condensate water. Each drain hole is reinforced and has an external stop to prevent over tightening of the screw-in hose barb. Straight or 90-degree hose barbs may be used to better accommodate a variety of installation situations. Vibration-isolation mounting hardware can be attached at a variety of locations along the perimeter of the drain pan to ensure a quiter operation. The rotatable blower ring can be positioned easily by adjusting a single screw, and can even blow directly downward. The blower inlet adapter is made of a high-temperature resin to easily withstand the heat generated by the optional internal electric heating element. The manual heater-overload safety switch is easily accessible without disassembling the unit. The optional integrated Breathe Easy air purifier is positioned directly in the airstream. Our award-winning Breathe Easy technology eliminates odors and up to 99.9 % of contaminants. An upgraded Gold series EU package is available.


SKU 번호 9108798705 
모델 Chillers Air Handlers AU DC 
레이블의 모델 AU12DCZ-1.5KW 6"MR 230V 
제품 설명 Chilled Water Air Handler 
치수 제품 깊이 424.18 mm
치수 제품 높이 340.36 mm
치수 제품 너비 416.56 mm
순중량 15.08 kg
입력 전압(AC 230 V
입력 주파수 50/60 Hz
필수 AC 회로 보호 최소 10.00 A
필수 AC 회로 보호 최대 15.00 A
냉매, 유형 H2O 
냉각 용량(ISO 5151) 3516.85 W
전류 소비량 최소 냉방 2.26 A
전류 소비량 최대 냉방 2.26 A
전류 소비량 최소 난방 8.80 A
전류 소비량 최대 난방 8.80 A
치수 구획 깊이 571.5 mm
치수 구획 높이 563.88 mm
치수 구획 너비 825.5 mm
짐 무게 19.05 kg