Dometic EVAPS R
Condensing Unit

This Type R model is designed for installation in the vessel's engine room or other mechanical space. It is not affected by moisture, normal vibration, or ambient temperatures up to 140 °F (60 °C). No ventilation is required.
  • Easy access service ports
  • Easy one-button operation
  • Eco-friendly
    R-417A refrigerant
상품 코드: 9108688399 고객지원 페이지 방문
Dometic EVAPS R
...및 기타 등등
    • Service ports on refrigerant lines and base valves give easy access
    • Mounting design reduces noise
    • Uses environmentally friendly R-417A refrigerant
    • Heats and cools air
    • Higher efficiency compressors at lower amperages

Ensure your onboard comfort

The Dometic REU20C- 7 Condenser is the next generation of seawater-cooled, reverse-cycle heat pumps for cooling and heating in marine applications. This condensing unit can be installed with up to two Dometic cooling units, where the total cooling unit capacity is equal to the condensing unit capacity. Some applications may allow three cooling units on one condenser; contact the Dometic Applications department for assistance in design, prior to installation. In the cooling mode, full performance is available in seawater up to 90 °F (32 °C). In reverse-cycle heating, the unit will provide heat in seawater as low as 40 °F (4.4 °C). The high-efficiency compressors can work at full capacity while requiring less power. The electrical box with 3 ft. (0.9 m) cable can be conveniently mounted remotely by simply removing one screw. Additional service ports allow for ease of charging and servicing. The pan has two drain locations, and hold-down brackets secure all four corners, enabling easier installation and removal. The Type R condenser is the ideal drop-in replacement for the older F type. Ensure your year-round comfort!


SKU 번호 9108688399 
모델 EVAPS R Series 
레이블의 모델 REU20C-7"MR 230/60/1 
제품 설명 Condensing Unit 
치수 제품 깊이 325.12 mm
치수 제품 높이 477.52 mm
치수 제품 너비 502.92 mm
순중량 15.65 kg
입력 전압(AC 230 V
입력 주파수 60 Hz
필수 AC 회로 보호 최소 2.00 A
필수 AC 회로 보호 최대 5.00 A
냉각 용량(ISO 5151) 20000 W
전류 소비량 최대 냉방 1.70 A
치수 구획 깊이 558.8 mm
치수 구획 높이 609.6 mm
치수 구획 너비 660.4 mm
짐 무게 20.41 kg