PLB series

For the most remote expeditions

PLB series
  • Can be operated with direct current
  • Can be operated with battery power
  • Can be operated with solar battery system
Keep your food and beverages fresh in your powered cooler, your mobile devices charged or the lights on for longer. From camping trips to the most rugged expeditions, the portable battery pack keeps your gear charged for any adventure. Ideal for use with powered coolers - it can power a Dometic CFX 40W cooler for up to 40 hours on a single charge.
곧 출시 예정
  • 외부 전원이 없어도 더 오래 여행할 수 있습니다
  • 12V DC 소켓, 태양광 패널 또는 AC 가정용 전원을 통한 세 가지 충전 방식
  • 가볍고 인체 공학적으로 설계된 스테인레스스틸 운반용 손잡이
  • 내장된 LCD 화면 디스플레이: 용량, 충전 상태 및 출력 표시
  • Dometic CFX 및 기타 전동 쿨러용으로 특별히 설계
  • 강력한 배터리 셀, 512Wh, 40Ah의 에너지 제공
  • 주말 또는 그 이상으로 Dometic CFX에 전원을 공급하도록 설계

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배터리 유형

The state-of-the-art battery technology

Dometic manufactures a range of useful devices that enhance life on the road. Over 100 countries now sell our products in their markets, and the growth of the brand continues because of the company's commitment to maintaining quality, good business judgment and ethical labor practices. All Dometic products are reliable, meet the highest quality standards and use state-of-the-art engineering. Our selection of durable RV batteries and advanced portable batteries is no exception to that. This is your entrance into the amazing world of 21st century technology, and our innovative batteries provides you with unparalleled levels of independence. The charging time for our batteries is cut to a minimum. They also require virtually no maintenance in order to provide you with a reliable source of energy whenever you need such.

Benefits of using Dometic portable batteries

Travelers, hikers and others can benefit greatly from using Dometic quality portable batteries like our PLB40 lithium battery. This is an exceptional product that enables you to enjoy long-lasting power for your compatible cooler, for example. It will typically power the Dometic CFX cooler for around 40 hours without needing to be recharged. It can also be used for other purposes, and this includes providing power for mobile devices, lights and other portable appliances. This is extremely handy to have with you on any road trip, and it also works incredibly well for any compatible device in an indoor setting. Enjoy longer periods of time off of the grid with this portable lithium battery, which enables three-way charging from the 12-volt socket. Optional charging methods include solar panels or AC house power sources.

Portable battery accessories

There are some optional cables that can make great additions to your portable battery travel kit. It’s always an advantage to purchase the cables that are compatible with the specific device. The manufacturer recommendations enable you to enjoy the best performance from the optional bus cable accessories. These cables are easy to connect and use right away. Optimize the process of charging, and enjoy the highest level of performance from your devices.

Select the right portable battery

Dometic batteries provide reliable power with unprecedented levels of independence. The old lead-acid or legacy gel batteries can now be rendered a thing of the past. This technology is very exciting, but it’s also important to make sure that you select the right unit for your intended purposes. The light weight means that you won’t have to choose between a powerful battery and one that is light and portable. This gives you the best of both worlds. However, you might need to consult with a product specialist in order to ensure that your devices can receive the right type of power.

Portable battery key features

It’s good to understand the device you intend to rely upon for power while traveling in an RV, truck or other vehicle. Dometic portable batteries are designed ergonomically, which reduces the strain you might otherwise experience. Easily monitor the charging status, capacity and output signals with the built-in LCD screen display. Enjoy the freedom that comes from using one of these exceptional Dometic portable batteries for your next outdoor adventure.