Mechanical Controls

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Smooth Control

In dual or single action, Dometic mechanical controls are available for most any application. Our controls are smooth and balanced to the touch and offer an incomparable comfort in mechanical steering.

Single Function

Considered the best controls by boat builders, Dometic Single function mechanical controls are classic in design and design. Reliable operation and simple yet rugged, compact designs. Easily adjust throttle or shift with plenty of options for each control for full customization and comfort.

Dual Function

Offering style and incredible versatility, Dometic Dual Function Mechanical controls are available for most applications, including outboards, stern drives, inboards, ski boats, and jet boats. Smooth operation of both throttle and shift by the push of each lever on the control.

Motorboat outboard rib speed

Foot Throttle

Dometic SeaStar Pro-Pedal is the first foot throttle that can be fully customized to fit both the boat and the driver, making it easier and more enjoyable than ever to pilot your high-performance vessel. Season after season, Dometic SeaStar Pro-Pedal keeps the deck uncluttered.

Explore Foot Throttles

Control Accessories

Dometic’s selection of mechanical steering control accessories help to keep your steering experience as comfortable as possible. Feel relaxed knowing that Dometic offers many accessories to enhance your boating experience.

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