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We strive to safeguard human rights at all times, while pursuing Fair business and labor practices

Dometic’s Code of Conduct and other governing documents set the framework for how the Group acts and follows up on business practices. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees, customers, business partners and suppliers.

In 2018, approximately 98 percent of white-collar workers conducted the Code of Conduct awareness program for employees that was launched globally in 2017. This e-learning program provides hands-on examples from the workplace to train expected behaviors and to ensure that all employees are aware of expectations and behavioral guidelines. Additionally, new employees, regardless where in the world, are invited and expected to conduct training in their first work weeks.

As stated in the Code of Conduct, Dometic’s policy strictly prohibits engaging in or facilitating any kind of corruption, including fraudulent actions, bribery, facilitation payments or money laundering. Dometic's relationships with business partners and suppliers are based on high ethical standards and business practices and aim to prevent unethical behaviors.


The Group shall not participate in or facilitate any kind of corruption, including fraudulent actions, bribery, facilitation payments or money laundering.



Dometic has around 4,100 suppliers of direct material in 40 countries. To ensure that they meet the standards for responsible and ethical business practices, the suppliers are required to comply with the principles of the Code of Conduct. The Group’s procurement organization monitors compliance with the Code of Conduct using self-assessments and supplier audits. Dometic continue to develop the supplier audits globally to reach fully fledged sustainability audits for suppliers.



In 2017, Dometic implemented a new whistleblower system called the Dometic SpeakUp Line, available in all Dometic Group languages. It offers Dometic's employees an anonymous channel to report any business activities or behaviors that are potentially in breach of the Code of Conduct. Dometic's SpeakUp Line is managed by a third-party vendor to ensure full privacy. In 2018 85 percent of reported cases led to investigations and actions. 15 percent were guided to appropriate channels or closed as not relevant.