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Dometic Oceanair Skyshade Hatchshade
Roller blind with a shaped cassette

If you’re looking for a quick and simple shade to keep the light out at night, then the Skyshade Hatchshade is ideal. Fully retracting into the cassette, Hatchshade is perfect for fixed hatches, where a flyscreen is not required.
  • Stylish cassette
  • Durable
    aluminium hardware
  • Open half-way
    Side pegs : 9600023489 Besøk supportside
Dometic Oceanair Skyshade Hatchshade
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    • Shaped cassette for added style
    • Durable powder coated aluminium hardware
    • Side pegs enable half-way opening
    • Available in white, silver or beige
    • Range of hold downs available
    • Also suitable for vertical operation
    • Simple and fast installation with just two screws.

Why Skyshade?

Optimally designed for portlights and hatches, Dometic Skyshade combines the performance and technology of the Skyscreen fabric in a functional, cost effective product

  • Quick and simple to install, Skyshade is an easily retro-fitted, "off-the-shelf" solution, that does not compromise on high-quality
  • Water repellent, heat reflective and 0% light transmission fabric
  • A combination of different colour co-ordinated hold downs and hardware options to choose from
  • Available ina a range of standard sizes from your local chandlery. Custom sizing also available by special order
  • Skyshade is marinised to withstand the rigours of the harsh marine environment
Why Skyshade?

Shade with high performance fabric

Dometic Oceanair Skyshade Hatchshade uses the same high performance fabric as our full Skyscreen range, ensuring the best possible blackout covering, with additional water repellent properties and UV resistance. The standard mini grip handle has been designed for simple and effortless operation, fitting smoothly into a color matched clasp that is fitted with just one screw. Powder coated aluminum hardware ensures durability. Also suitable for vertical operation.


SKU-nummer 9600023489 
Modell HSH 
Produktbeskrivelse Roller blind with a shaped cassette