Laboratory Cooling

Cooling technology for hospitals, medical practices and laboratories

From stationary refrigerated medicine cabinets to fitted equipment for vehicles, Dometic’s laboratory cooling solutions provide accurate temperature management, up-to-date documentation and comfortable handling.

Cooling containers

If you transport lab samples, vaccines or other temperature-sensitive products, we urge you to take a close a look at our containers. Available in six versions – as front or top loader, each coming in three sizes – the front-loading design is ideal for laboratory transports (the temperature is factory-set to a standard +4 °C). For the frozen-grade top loaders, you can choose between two fixed temperatures using a changeover key: +4°C or –18°C.

Furthermore, smooth-running sliding doors, pallet feet and transport castors (accessories) ensure comfortable handling before, during and after transport.

The optional battery set can retain the set temperature for up to 8 hours without an external power supply.

Refrigeration Container

Special modules

When transporting medicines, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive items, correct storage at a constant temperature is vital. We are happy to customize a transport container to your requirements. The temperature is factory set and maintained to within ±2 °C.

Even greater precision can be achieved, if necessary. We can pre-set two fixed temperatures or leave the temperature adjustment to you. We can also install a heater for additional security as well as equip the cooler with a data memory. This way, there’s no disputing that the required temperature has been maintained during transport.

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Special solutions for laboratory logistics and storage

The ideal temperature for the safe storage of vaccines, insulin and other heat-sensitive drugs safely is between +2°C and +8°C. You can choose between different cooling techniques and features:

  • DS series with silent absorption cooling – for normal ambient temperatures
  • HC series with powerful, energy-efficient compressor technology –for high ambient temperatures
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