Dometic ATL-HV
Chilled water air handler, 6,000 BTU/h, 230 V

With easy access for maintenance and dual high-velocity blowers, these strong, quiet units are perfect for height-restricted areas. Ensure your onboard comfort!
  • Flexible position
  • Powerful and quiet
    Minimized footprint
  • Simple servicing
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Dometic ATL-HV
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    • Suspend from above or support from beneath (hardware included)
    • Optional DC "Whispercool" blowers are extremely quiet yet powerful
    • Bypass valve has removable power head for simple servicing
    • Electrical box can be remotely mounted up to 6' away (1.8 m)
    • Remote air bleeder on 6' (1.8 m) of flexible tubing with ball valve
    • Valve body is soldered to prevent leaks

Unique short-fit solution

The Dometic ATL-HV 6,000 BTU/h 230 V/50-60 Hz/1-Ph chilled water air handler represents an improved design approach to low-profile draw-through air handlers. This "open top" unit allows for easy maintenance access and every detail has been considered to make the unit as compact as possible. The ATL-HV series feature dual high-velocity (HV) blowers for effective air distribution. Optional "WhisperCool" DC blowers are available for an even quieter performance. All ATL blowers are mounted horizontally for an exceptionally low profile, making these units ideal for height-restrictive installations. They can be suspended from above or supported from below for flexible installation options. Suspension hardware is included. Vibration-isolation mounts reduce noise and the transmission of vibrations to the installation platform. The drain pan has an anti-slosh, anti-fungal foam lining and extends under the valve motor and plumbing. The water connections are insulated against secondary condensation, and the valve can be mounted on the left (standard) or right (optional).


SKU-nummer 9108782877 
Modell Chillers Air Handlers ATL 
Modell på etikett ATL6HVZ-FC 5"MR 230V 
Produktbeskrivelse Chilled water air handler, 6,000 BTU/h, 230 V 
Mål for produktdybde 457.20 mm
Mål for produkthøyde 205.74 mm
Mål for produktbredde 497.84 mm
Nettovekt 12.13 kg
Inngangsspenning (vekselstrøm 230 V
Inngangsfrekvens 50/60 Hz
Påkrevd minimum vekselstrømkrets-beskyttelse 2.00 A
Påkrevd maksimum vekselstrømkrets-beskyttelse 5.00 A
Kjøling, type H2O 
Kjølekapasitet (ISO 5151) 6000 W
Strømforbruk maksimal kjøling 0.90 A
Mål for pakkedybde 571.50 mm
Mål for pakkehøyde 563.88 mm
Mål for pakkebredde 825.50 mm
Pakkevekt 17.83 kg