Dometic PMA1000
Centrifugal seawater pump for marine A/C systems, 115 V - 12 GPM, 14 ft. of head

Pump packages reduce the installation time of chilled water systems by combining several necessary components in one convenient package. The packages include a chilled-water pump, expansion tank to protect against thermal expansion, pump drain pan, dual-scale (psi/kPa) pressure gauge, and fill assembly.
  • Easy to install
  • Extra protection
  • Convenient
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Dometic's Air-Cooled Pump provides seawater circulation for Dometic air conditioning systems. The proven magnetic drive eliminates the troublesome mechanical shaft seal. There is no seal wear, power-robbing friction, or leakage through the seal. The impeller and drive magnets are strong, permanent ceramic types, which prevent slippage, ensuring that full motor power is converted into pumping power.
Dometic PMA1000
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    • Packaging of multiple essential components simplifies installation
    • Expansion tank protects against thermal expansion
    • Dual-scale pressure gauge is convenient for US and international customers
    • Pressure gauge connected to inlet pipe gives most accurate reading
    • Bladder-style expansion tank protects against loss of air cushion

Convenient solution for simpler chiller installations

The Dometic PMA1000 115 V pump can support total air handler capacities from 16,000 to 23,000 BTU/h and ensures a top cooling performance. The fill assembly includes a hose connection, ball valve, and pressure-reducing valve. The cushion of air in the expansion tank allows the water to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. This relieves pressure that might otherwise result in leaks. The latest design includes a bladder-style expansion tank that prevents the air in the expansion tank from gradually dissolving into the water and being bled off. This maintains the protective cushion of air. The pressure gauge is connected to an inlet pipe on the pump for the most accurate reading of system return water pressure. Ensure your onboard comfort.


SKU-nummer 9108549772 
Modell Pumps DX P800 PMA1000 
Modell på etikett PUMP ASY PMA1000 115/50-60 3/4 
Produktbeskrivelse Centrifugal seawater pump for marine A/C systems, 115 V - 12 GPM, 14 ft. of head 
Mål for produktdybde 231.14 mm
Mål for produkthøyde 170 mm
Mål for produktbredde 312 mm
Nettovekt 4.4 kg
Inngangsspenning (vekselstrøm 115 V
Inngangsfrekvens 50/60 Hz
Mål for pakkedybde 312 mm
Mål for pakkehøyde 170 mm
Mål for pakkebredde 312 mm
Pakkevekt 4.99 kg