Wandgemonteerde luifels

Wandgemonteerde luifels

PerfectWall PW 3800

De sterkste luifel voor wandmontage op de markt.

PerfectWall PW 3800
Met de nieuwe PerfectWall PW 3800 presenteert Dometic de sterkste luifel voor wandmontage op de markt. Robuuste knikarmen met dubbele staalkabels en de extra sterke verankering geven de totale constructie een buitengewone stabiliteit. Het resultaat is dat de PW 3800 goede prestaties levert zonder de geïntegreerde staanders, ondanks zijn royale afmetingen.


Wandluifel met handig geïntegreerd rolgordijn

Als de zon laag staat, de wind opsteekt of het begint te regenen hebben wij de oplossing: de PerfectWall 1750-serie met een volledig geïntegreerd rolgordijn in de voorzetrail van deze klassieke wandluifels. Het handbediende rolgordijn is vervaardigd van een grijze ondoorzichtige stof, kan tot elke hoogte worden uitgetrokken en kan veilig worden vastgezet aan de staanders van de luifel of de grond.


Sterke wandluifel die op de meeste voertuigen past

De PerfectWall 1500 luifels, geleverd in lengtes van 1,5 tot 6,0 meter, zijn compatibel met de meeste RV's die momenteel verkrijgbaar zijn. Dankzij de automatisch kantelende rail aan de voorzijde glijden de luifels eenvoudig en stil in en uit. Ze kunnen handmatig worden bediend met een telescopische slinger. Er is ook een uitvoering met een volledig geïntegreerde motor beschikbaar.


Een kwalitatief hoogwaardige wandluifel voor een aantrekkelijke prijs

De PerfectWall 1000 wandluifels passen bij bijna elk budget en bieden echt waar voor uw geld. Tegelijkertijd zijn alle kwaliteitskenmerken van onze luifel gewaarborgd: een sterk luifeldoek zonder lasnaden, een automatisch kantelende voorzetrail en gemakkelijke toegang tot de staanders, die op hun plaats gehouden worden dankzij de gepatenteerde Easy Lock Flipper.
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RV Awnings

Why buy an awning?
When travelling in your camper vehicle you have the privilege of being free to stop at the most beautiful places. Simply turn off the ignition, get the table and chairs out, and enjoy the marvelous view. A Dometic awning gives you added pleasure: it turns the area in front of your vehicle into your personal mobile patio, which will give you many relaxing hours! The awning provides shade as well as protection against rain, wind and weather and it can do so much more! With the right RV awning accessories, you can quickly create an extra living or sleeping room for your mobile home, complete with windows, doors, curtains, fly screens and lighting.

Buying an RV Awning
You'll appreciate having an awning on most trips. An awning will provide you with shade from unpleasant weather conditions, whether it’s inhospitable sunlight, pelting hail or anything in between.

Ideal awnings for frequent travelers
Retractable awnings fold up into the RV easily and are ideal for frequent travelers. Most awnings are either fitted on the roof or wall of the vehicle. The best awning installation for you and your vehicle best depends on: the amount of room above the vehicle’s doors and windows, the shape of the vehicle’s side where it converges with the roof (curved edges are suitable for roof fitted awnings), and whether there are mounting brackets available for your vehicle.

The best awning fabric!
Most awnings are made from the same fabric variations, vinyl and acrylic are two of the most common awning fabrics. The fabric is one of the most important things to consider when buying an awning since the type of awning material will affect the durability of your awning. Vinyl awnings can be washed with soap and water while acrylic should only should be cleaned with water.

The right RV awning size?
When buying an awning, it's important to select the correct awning size for your vehicle. If you purchase the wrong size, it may not attach properly and the new awning could even end up blocking your windows and doors. An easy to buy an awning in the correct size is to measure your old awning. However, if you are buying your first awning, try measuring the area that you would like to cover. Longer models which go along the whole length of a motorhome are rare and may be more problematic during travel. Dometic has a tailor-made solution for every demand, our range includes manual awnings and electric awnings from 1.50 m up to 6.0 m long.

Fast and easy awning installation
Installation of an RV awning is straightforward, simply follow the instructions which are included with your new retractable awning. Once that’s done, all that’s left to do is relax under your new retractable RV awning, sheltered from the elements, yet still able to enjoy the view!

Power awning or manual awning?
Deciding whether to buy a powered awning or manual awning is a decision which you should base on your travelling style. If you want to go to the most remote places you should consider a manual awning since you will not be reliant on power. If you choose a manual awning you can be as remote as you wish but you should account for extra time to set up the awning. Often powered awnings are able to be opened manually too, though the ease and convenience of this varies – it's not a primary function of the powered awning, but for emergency use. A powered awning is a great option for people who are always on the move and regularly setting up camp in a new location. For some RVers, it could mean setting up their awning several times in the space of a week and a powered awning would save them the time and effort of repeatedly setting up the awning. Whereas others set up their awning once and leave it in position for weeks!

Still Confused? - Awning Buying Guide