Cooked in a Van

We won't be hungry along the way

Two mobile gourmets and travel bugs who explore the world and the kitchen from their DIY campervan

Sophie Duerst and Morris Mueller are world travelers and celebrated foodies who make healthy, local meals in their camper van and share the recipes to prove that good food doesn’t require a big kitchen. Passionate about food, travel, and surfing, the Swiss couple discovered the joys and benefits of mobile living observing other vanlife enthusiasts who were able to park on the beach. They are always on the move in their Fiat Ducato Professional van which they have turned into the perfect, cozy camper van. Traveling and living the vanlife means that no matter where they go, they are home.
Building the perfect home can be a challenge when there are only six or so square meters to work with. However, the duo has been able to transform their van into a comfortable and functional living space with a complete working kitchen thanks to clever solutions and the right equipment. Gear that is maximized for travel, designed to be compact, durable, and reliable is essential when traversing a foreign country. Even the smallest of kitchens need to have room for the basics of good cooking, which according to Morris include: space for cutting and arranging, a place for the cooker, easy access to the refrigerator, and running water. He says, “If you do not have these four conditions you may neglect some dishes. I am cooking, baking, grilling, fermenting and sprouting in the tiny space, so everything needs to be organised.”  

Over the course of a month, Sophie and Morris built their van piece by piece, seeking the perfect combination that would support their day to day lives and their love of delicious homemade meals. When it comes to vanlife, they say that building a van is manageable for anyone. There are so many possibilities and each van can be adjusted according to the owner’s available time, budget and knowledge.

In their pursuit of the perfect kitchen, they recently switched from a Dometic alcohol burner to a Dometic Sunlight Oven and Cooker. This upgrade took them from a single burner to a compact oven with two burners on top. With this gas oven, they are able to cook so many things that were not available to them before. Fresh baked breads, lemon cakes, oven veggies, and lasagna were just a dream before they installed the Dometic Sunlight oven and now those foods and so many more  are part of the everyday luxury of vanlife.

Sophie and Morris have decided to pair their Sunlight oven with a Dometic Magicsafe MSG-150  detector that searches for all dangerous narcotic gasses from the on-board supply and sounds alerts the moment a leak is detected. This trusty companion plugs into the DC power and allows the couple to sleep safely and confidently in their van each night. These talented duo need plenty of food storage when they are on the go. The first refrigerator Sophie and Morris used was the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 65w, a massive 60 liter compressor cooler with the ability to function as a deep freezer up to -22 °C. Durable and tough, the CFX 65w maintains a steady internal temperature regardless of the outside surroundings and runs quietly and efficiently. When it was time to reorganize their space, they stuck to what they knew they could depend on and transitioned to the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 50w with the same sturdy exterior and reliable temperature control. 46 liters of fridge space suits the needs of two people perfectly and the smaller size gives them more room to work with in their small but mighty kitchen.  

Sophie and Morris make cooking with locally sourced produce look fun and easy. Their travels have taken them all over the world from Norway to Morocco and have helped them produce tons of recipes based on the local fare. They have a lot more traveling to do and with all the gear they have in their kitchen, they won't be hungry along the way.
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Dometic SunLight
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