Elise Sterck

Action Ready

Elise Sterck, Action photographer, seeks the freedom to live and work mobile without giving up the comforts of home.

Lifestyle and adventure travel photographer, Elise Sterck, records her life on the road and in nature while seeking the perfect shot. A nature-lover and mobile-living enthusiast, Elise lives for hiking, skiing, climbing and any outdoor activity that gets her outside and moving. Elise’s first mobile living experience was in a van in which she spent a few years exploring. Then she lived in a car and continued the lifestyle. Now, eager to have everything she needs with her at all times, Elise is looking for a new van and a fresh new set of adventures to share with the world.   

When Elise first began her life of travel, she started taking pictures to document her journey for others. A few years later, photography has become her life’s work and her full-time career. This means that when Elise is on the road, she needs to have a lot of equipment with her, a functional and portable work space, and plenty of power to charge her camera batteries, phone, and laptop every day.  
The longer she can stay in one place, the better. Action photography takes a lot of time and talent and finding the perfect shot can take hours and sometimes days. For this, the Dometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery is the perfect solution. This compact but mighty power source charges whenever her car is running and can power up all her devices (even a Dometic CFF fridge/freezer) for four full days. This means Elise can make camp, make meals, and live on location without having to worry about powering her equipment or heading into town for food or ice.  Even though the PLB40 is powerful, it is also incredibly small and easy to use, making it the perfect companion for any travel or outdoor enthusiast.   
The day to day work of an outdoor photographer is exhausting. Chasing action scenes, hiking to the location, or clinging to the side of a cliff while snapping photos from different angles is hard work and Elise needs a comfortable place to rest and sleep so she is ready to do it all over again the next day. For this reason, she is creating her dream van with dometic products so she can work on the go and feel like she is at home wherever she roams. Living mobile means everything she owns comes with her and is right within her reach whenever she needs it. Cooking, sleeping, and working mobile is easy with the right tools. Since her work happens out in nature, Elise must have a mobile workspace where she can complete her tasks with efficiency and ease. With the proper equipment Elise can stay charged up, well fed, comfortable, and in one place.  In her own words, “having the means to stay out longer doesn’t just provide efficiency, it provides freedom.” Dometic products like the Dometic PLB40 portable battery have turned Elise’s dream into her reality.  
The mobile lifestyle gives Elise the independence and the flexibility to create art, share her work, and make a living out in nature. Once she has finished outfitting her new van with all the gear she needs to be comfortable productive, and free, her off-grid adventures will be limitless. 
If you want to keep up with Elise and her adventures, make sure to follow her on social media: instagram.com/roundtheworldgirl 

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