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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

As a multinational company we are dedicated to be a responsible company in all parts of our operations and in the geographies where we are present.

Sustainability in Dometic is governed by our Code of Conduct which is valid throughout our global organization and covers four areas: Human Rights and Employment, Health and Safety, Business Ethics and Environment. The principles in Dometic's Code of Conduct are built on our shared values, international and national legislation, support and respect for international ethical guidelines, standards and agreements. The Code of Conduct addresses ethical considerations in business and society and governs Dometic’s way of working across our operations.

The way that issues regarding environment, human rights, labor conditions and corruption are handled is a matter of great interest and importance to us and our stakeholders. The Code of Conduct is valid for all our employees as well as business partners.

For a continued good reputation and a clear conscience we strive to do the right things, care for people and environment and reflect over consequences before taking action. Employees are encouraged to report any conduct that they believe, in good faith, to be in violation of Dometic’s Code of Conduct, policies, applicable laws or regulations. Employees report any potential issues in Dometic's SpeakUp Line, a web and telephone service that is provided by a third party and available in all languages.

Reported issues are reviewed by Dometic Internal Audit function, as well as by the Audit Committee.