The Fishing Huntsman
The Fishing Huntsman

Jan Hrdlicka

Jan’s hunt for the perfect cooler is over, now he spends his free time pursuing his next big catch and seeking new adventures all over the world.

Jan is hooked on the great outdoors. He discovered his love for nature and spirit of adventure seven years ago by spending his weekends hiking through the Alps in the south of Germany. Eventually, he began to expand his travels by road tripping as often as he could to explore new places.

When he relocated to Hamburg, the Alps were no longer an option and he needed to find new ways to quench his thirst for fresh air and new experiences. That’s why, three years ago, Jan began to fish in the harbor of Hamburg. His humble hobby quickly grew into a passion and soon he was travelling all over the world to places like Scandinavia and the United States to find new spots to cast his lines. He discovered that he was quite good at his new sport and Jan began searching for a cooler that could hold all the fresh fish he was catching and keep up with his travel needs.

In his research for the best solution, he discovered the reliable and versatile products of Dometic. The Dometic Cool-Ice 42 became his top choice for every boat trip. Rugged but lightweight, it can take a beating and keep cool for several days without Jan needing to refill the ice. The seat pad and rod holder make it the perfect companion for every fishing outing. Jan likes to tell the story of his camping trip to Norway with his girlfriend Dana. On the trip, their car broke down and they were stranded for three days in the wilderness. Despite the intense heat, the icebox kept all their food and supplies cold and fresh until they could be on their way again--even without a power source.

Jan’s favorite feature of the Dometic Cool-Ice 42 cooler, besides its ability to sustain low temperatures, is the impressive size and how easy it is to clean and maintain for multiple uses. Ultra-hygienic, it can hold fresh fish, meat, or food without retaining any odor. For this reason, Jan also has the Dometic Cool-Ice CI 110 for long camping trips and family parties as it has space to cool all the food and supplies needed for ten people.
Jan still roams in pursuit of the next big catch, taking with him the gear he needs to help him live his best life. Keeping things cool and fresh on the road means that he can take his favorite foods with him to even the wildest spots on the planet and still have a healthy, home cooked meal. One of his favorite meals on the road is a Wild Trout Poké Bowl for which Jan has shared the recipe so you can create a fresh and delicious dinner in just 15 minutes, too. Download the recipe here.
Whatever the outdoor activity, whether it be fishing, camping, or just road tripping, there is a dependable Dometic cooler to help keep your fish fresh, your food cool, and your supplies unspoiled so you can focus on reeling in the biggest catch, like Jan.

If you want to keep up with Jan and his fishing and hunting life, check him out on social media: and on the web:

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Dometic Cool-Ice CI 42
Dometic Cool-Ice CI 42
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Dometic Cool-Ice CI 110
Dometic Cool-Ice CI 110
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