Dometic ProSafe MDT 400X
Safe with top-opening design

This top-opening electronic safe has a capacity of 10 l and a net weight of 13.7 kg. With the LED four-digit guest code and two 18 mm solid steel bolts valuables are securely and conveniently protected.
  • Easy access
    Top opening safe
  • Maximum Visibility
    LED interior Light
  • Espaçoso e seguro
    Tamanho de laptop de 15 polegadas
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Dometic ProSafe MDT 400X
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    • Easy to reach inside
    • LED interior light makes all the safe contents visible at a glance
    • Enough room to fit laptop computers and tablets
    • Ideal for installation into existing Hotel room drawer
    • Stabilizer arm for smooth opening and closing of door

Secure and convenient top-opening safe

In addition to the LED interior light, the Dometic ProSafe MDT400X comes with a unique top-opening design that allows hotels numerous installation options throughout a guest room, such as inside a drawer. The four-digit guest code makes for easy access while securely holding 15" laptops, cameras, and other personal items. The safe is powered by four AA batteries that features with a low battery message on the LED display to indicate when it is time to replace the batteries.


Número da SKU 9106601394 
Modelo MDT400 
Dimensões - Profundidade do produto 350 mm
Dimensões - Altura do produto 130 mm
Dimensões - Largura do produto 400 mm
Peso líquido 9 kg
Volume de armazenamento - Total (EN62552) 9.70 l
Cor Anthracite (NCS8502) 
Compatibilidade do laptop Yes, up to 15" 
Abertura de emergência Master Key 
Sistema de trava Motorized with Automatic Opening 
Tipo de dobradiça Top 
Controle dos cofres Mastercode 
Iluminação interior Yes, LED 
Certificados CE, EAC 
EAN-13 843603269221 
Dimensões - Profundidade do pacote 380 mm
Dimensões - Altura do pacote 170 mm
Dimensões - Largura do pacote 450 mm
Peso do pacote 10 kg
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MDT 400X-A
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MDT 400X-C