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Dometic Showcases New Brand Identity For Seastar at Miami Boat Show

SeaStar Solutions’ industry leading products are now integrated with Dometic brand. With this, Dometic expands its visibility at this year’s Miami International Boat Show with a large water pavilion by the water, a booth inhouse and three demo boats on the water.


Visitors to this year’s Miami International Boat Show will see the new Dometic water pavilion at the pier with wide range of products the company offer presented. Industry leading SeaStar steering systems along with popular HVAC solutions and Dometic Blinds window covering portfolio will be featured in the newly build pavilion.   

In addition to two exhibition areas, Dometic provides three demo boats for its customers to experience the power of high-performance marine steering systems supported by industry leading engineering and innovations.  

All new products are digitally connected and managed by Dometic Digital Switching MDI. Visitors can easily adjust settings, change temperatures, open and close blinds by one remote controller. 

Eric Fetchko, President of Dometic Marine Americas says; “We hope to promote the vision of new Dometic Marine to this year’s visitors at the show. SeaStar’s industry leading products have now got new façade and newly built water pavilion will feature them together with legacy Dometic products in a harmonic way. 

“This is a beginning of a new phase of Dometic Marine and the group. We continue to innovate, engineer and provide smart solutions for our customers. I sincerely hope kind support from our customers for our journey.” 

Featured products: 

  • Dometic Optimus eActuator 

    It is industry first, all-electric remote mount steering actuator. The whole design of Optimus Electric Steering Actuator is environmentally friendly. It requires no fluid and is manufactured with advanced mechanical components and integrated electronics. The on-demand system has no parasitic draw on the horsepower of the engine.
  • Dometic Turbo Global Air  

    This air conditioning unit with versatile compressor which eliminates the need of any voltage regulating devices literary takes away national borders for vessels. Boaters can just plug into any shore power at any harbor around the world. 
  • Dometic SeaStar Trim Tab 

    The next generation trim tab system which brings a completely new level of precision control and many technical advantages. This new system is truly a “smart” reinvention of the trim tab — offering robust construction, user programmability, quick, accurate response, connectivity and intuitive operation. 

  • Dometic Skysol Motion blinds 

    It is a contemporary, pleated blind available with a choice of fabrics. Dometic Skysol Motion's light diffusion is ideal for creating softer light in the saloon with ease and speed. When ready to move on, the blind can be quickly stowed away. 

Dometic demo boats: 

  • 42’ Freeman Quad Suzuki Quad 350hp 
    Full Optimus 360 steering 
  • 37’ Sea Hunter Triple 300hp Yamaha 
    Optimus 360 steering 
    Trim tab system 
  • Shallow Sport 24’ Single Suzuki 300HP 
    Digital Switching with Vessel management 
    Optimus EPS with E-actuator 
    SeaStar Jackplate 6” 


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Minako Nakatsuma Olofzon |  |  +46 8 501 025 41

A Dometic é líder global de mercado em soluções de marca para moradia móvel nas áreas de alimentos e bebidas, climatização, energia, controle e outras aplicações. A Dometic opera nas Américas, Europa, Oriente Médio, África e Ásia-Pacífico, fornecendo produtos para uso em motorhomes, caminhões e veículos premium, barcos de lazer e de trabalho, e para diversos outros usos. Nossa motivação é criar produtos inteligentes e confiáveis, com design extraordinário. Nós vendemos nossos produtos em aproximadamente 100 países e temos uma rede global de distribuição e revendedores para atender o mercado de reposição. A Dometic emprega cerca de 6.500 mil pessoas em todo o mundo, teve vendas líquidas de mais de 1,8 bilhão de dólares em 2020 e está sediada em Estocolmo, Suécia.

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