Reverse Osmosis

Ter um dessalinizador torna você independente. Não há mais necessidade de se preocupar se haverá sempre acesso a um suprimento de água disponível nas docas. Se quiser estender espontaneamente sua viagem de barco por mais alguns dias, você poderá fazer isso, sem se preocupar com falta de água para be...

Reverse Osmosis

Having a boat watermaker makes you independent. There is no more need to worry if there is always access to a dock water supply guaranteed. If you want to spontaneously extend your boat trip for a few more days, you can do so without fear of running short of water to drink, cook with or clean.


Dock water is potable, but Dometic freshwater systems allow boaters to take water that’s a few hundred ppm typically down to 20ppm or less, for ultra-pure spot-free water on board your vessel.

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By using Dometic water makers, boaters can conveniently turn seawater into freshwater whenever and wherever they want.

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Perfect for rinsing, drinking and more. Go from saltwater to spot-free in one efficient process.

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