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Refrigeradores para restaurantes e pubs

Caixas frigoríficas para leite e bebidas destinadas a restaurantes e cafés de pequena dimensão
Refrigeradores para restaurantes e pubs
DW Series

Refrigeradores de vinho termoelétricos compactos

DW Series
A série DW inclui adegas compactas que apresentam diversas funções para garantir um ambiente ótimo para armazenar o vinho – desde o seu filtro de carbono ativo ao vidro anti-UV especialmente concebido para este caso. Este refrigerador de vinho tem capacidade para armazenar até 6 garrafas

  • Frigorífico economizador de espaço e bem concebido para bebidas
  • Refrigeração termoelétrica, com display digital de temperatura
  • A iluminação interior pode ser ligada/desligada
  • Intervalo de temperatura até 16 °C abaixo da temperatura ambiente
  • 100-240 volts CA e 12 volts CC
MF series

Leite fresco para a sua bebida de café preferida

MF series
Na qualidade de especialista de refrigeração, a Dometic satisfaz todas as necessidades de refrigeração. Estas caixas frigoríficas para leite – desde as unidades de mesa práticas aos minifrigoríficos sofisticados – são complementos excelentes para a sua máquina de café em casa, no escritório ou para utilização profissional em cafés e restaurantes. Quer se trate de um “cappuccino” ou de um galão, para preparar um café de qualidade é preciso leite fresco.
  • Design compacto, para um transporte fácil
  • O design simples e moderno combina harmoniosamente com as máquinas de café modernas
  • Até 22 °C abaixo da temperatura ambiente

  • Design compacto, para um transporte fácil
  • Até 22 °C abaixo da temperatura ambiente
  • Design simples e moderno que combina harmoniosamente com as máquinas de café modernas

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Soluções empresariais

Dometic is a world-class brand and a leader in the industry for beverage coolers, beverage refrigerators and similar products. We offer a variety of business-to-business solutions for industrial as well as personal use. Keep a set of three bottles in a miniature cooler, or choose a tall vertical tower. Getting a proper beverage refrigerator in your facility can add some needed refreshment to a hard day.

What to Consider When Choosing a Beverage Cooler

Beverages that require a specific temperature range will be well-preserve in these high-quality beverage refrigerators. After all, the temperature controls affect the taste of the beverages.

Various types of drinks can be placed in the unit according to its design. Some bottle cooler layouts allow for multiple vertical rows, and others are outfitted for larger cans to sit horizontally. There are many features on different beverage refrigerators to consider before buying.

The right features will always be relevant to your particular needs. For example, the restaurant industry might use a cooler with a high-volume storage capacity. There is also a need for milk coolers for businesses serving coffee drinks. Dometic milk coolers range from desktop to miniature refrigerator units. They are useful at workplaces, restaurants and for personal use.

How to Select the Perfect Beverage Cooler

The best cooler will fit the dimensions of your space while maintaining the perfect temperature for drinks. The storage capacity of the unit should also be considered before buying. Is it going to be used on a regular basis with a high drink turnaround, or do you need to plan for storing drinks for extended periods of time?

What Spatial Features Are Important?

Their compact design makes Dometic milk and wine coolers easy to transport. The overall design allows them to be stored comfortably in existing spaces, and the temperature ranges between 16 to 22 Celsius below ambient levels. This is ideal for sodas, milk or beer.

Who Can Benefit From Buying a Bottle Cooler?

Anyone who requires beverage refrigerator solutions for their particular industry can benefit from these exceptional bottle cooler units. Our beverage coolers offer practical solutions for hotel managers, restaurant owners and caterers. This is a beneficial solution for anyone who is dealing with the messiness of ice, plastic bins and other legacy cooling solutions.

Enjoy setting the system to the perfect serving temperature for your favorite drinks. The interior LED lights are sleek, and they work well in low-lit settings. The carbon filtration system reduces the risk of spoiling drinks that are sensitive to environmental conditions. The thermo-electric system keeps the temperature stable and ideal for particular beverages. The glass front is effective at repelling ultra-violet rays, which can damage fine wines.

About Dometic

Dometic is a leading manufacturer in the cooling industry. Our innovative products have proven themselves in more than 100 markets across the world. Dometic high-quality units are durable, practical and effective. They are versatile, and there are many sizes and shapes available for various spatial requirements.