Frigoríficos para embarcações

Está à procura de um frigorífico novo? Um modelo embutido economizador de espaço ou um independente de ampla capacidade para um cruzeiro maior? Selecionámos um conjunto de soluções de refrigeração que satisfazem todas as necessidades: gavetas frigoríficas de tamanho médio e compactas, modelos de car...
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A série CD de refrigeração transforma um pequeno espaço não utilizado num frigorífico com gavetas muito útil

RCS 10 Series

Transforme espaço desperdiçado em espaço de refrigeração

RCL 10 Series

Refrigeração fiável com design esbelto

RCD 10 Series

Refrigeração poderosa com frigorífico e congelador separados


Cool food and drink on the go for any mobile space

RC 10 Series

Potência de compressor para carrinhas de campismo e embarcações


Frigoríficos camaleões da série CRX: um frigorífico, um frigorífico-congelador ou um congelador. A escolha é sua.

Essential Range

Armazene o vinho à temperatura de servir ideal

Elite 4-Door

Cool food storage with style


Série 8: Uma gama de frigoríficos adaptáveis, de elevada qualidade e com um design muito elegante que apresenta várias ideias de economia de espaço


A série CR é constituída por frigoríficos de compressor excecionais com excelente relação preço/qualidade

RGE Series

Frigoríficos de absorção autónomos, uma gama adaptável ideal para diversos espaços


The number one replacement refrigerator for existing cabinet openings regardless of brand

HDC Series

Frigoríficos de luxo concebidos para grandes iates e veículos comerciais


A série CB é a opção perfeita para um barco com espaço limitado a bordo


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Dometic are experts in making mobile living easy. Our leading refrigeration solutions include a wide range of boat refrigerators for those who seek comfort while away on their boat. Designed to meet the full spectrum of our customers' needs, as well as suit different sizes and types of boat, we use all our decades of experience and the very latest technologies to design reliable boat refrigerators that you can depend on. Here are some tips to help you find, and later make the most of, your Dometic marine refrigerator:

Turn empty spaces into a refrigerator

With a high performance compressor drawer boat fridge, you can make use of small spaces, such as under a bed or in an empty storage drawer. This maximizes space on board by transforming empty, unused spaces into a convenient marine refrigerator. The compact CD series of boat refrigerator offers easy, roll-out access to contents. Its cooling unit can be installed separately and therefore provides flexible positioning options.

Boat refrigerators with patented locking system

With the motion of the waves rocking the boat, the need for a securely locked fridge door is obvious. However, our engineering team have designed an innovative dual locking system which does more than keep the door of your boat fridge closed. Our patented dual locking system acts a vent for an improved cooling performance too. This locking system be found in our CoolMatic CRP and CRX series of marine refrigerators.

Boat refrigerators for tight spaces

A space-saving design is a key feature for many people looking to buy a boat refrigerator. There are various features which enable our marine refrigerators to fit neatly in confined spaces. As well as compact marine fridge designs, some boat refrigerators have a detachable cooling unit which can be positioned on either side of the fridge and up to 1.5 m away for increased installation flexibility. A beveled edge on the backside of the boat refrigerator also helps to make the best use of space on board.

Luxury marine refrigerators

Designed for large yachts and commercial vessels, the HDC series of boat refrigerators gives users the ultimate home-from-home comfort. If you have room on board, why not enjoy a free-standing model of boat refrigerator, complete with spacious marine freezer? The separate fridge and freezer compartments are accessed by their own door. And, of course, there is no compromise made when it comes to style. The elegant, brilliant white exterior will complement the luxurious interior styling of your yacht.

Solar powered boat refrigerators

Some models of marine refrigerator can be powered by solar energy. Marine fridges and freezers with this feature allow you to save energy, save money and care for the environment while keeping food and drinks cool. By running your boat refrigerator on solar power, it also ensures you won't drain the boat's battery. For many reasons, using solar energy to power your boat refrigerator makes sense!

For the best cooling results from your boat refrigerator, follow these three simple tips:

Close the boat refrigerator properly

Some boat refrigerators have features, such magnetic seals, to ensure the door closes firmly. However, it's important that you check the condition of these seals to make sure they are effectively trapping cool air inside your marine refrigerator.

Do not overload your marine refrigerator!

For optimal cooling, cold air needs to effectively circulate around the shelves of your boat refrigerator. If your marine fridge or freezer is packed full with food and drink, then the flow of air will be restricted. This will have a negative impact on the cooling power of your fridge.

Turn your boat refrigerator on the day before

By turning your boat refrigerator on the day before you depart, you can ensure that the fridge is optimally cooled. We recommend doing this during the night when the ambient temperature is cooler, as it will reduce the amount of time and energy it takes to achieve your desired cool temperature.