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Dometic Launches a Global Marine Air Conditioning System in Europe

Dometic introduces new air conditioning unit with versatile compressor, which eliminates the need of any voltage regulating devices and takes away national borders for vessels. Boaters can now simply plug into any shore power at any harbour around the world. The product won prestigious IBEX Innovation Award 2019.

Dometic Turbo air conditioning systems previously worked with 50 Hertz or 60 Hertz, but not both. Voltage and Hertz were system specifications that varied by model and application. This means boaters needed to install a voltage regulating device to power the system at harbours in different countries. Solving this dilemma for boaters, Dometic developed a new line of compressors capable of providing its air-conditioning units with seamless operation using 200-240 volts at both 50 Hertz and 60 Hertz. These versatile compressors are made for its 6,000 BTU through 18,000 BTU line of direct-expansion air conditioning systems, both self-contained and split-gas designs. The new Dometic Turbo Global Air Conditioning system is designed to suit a wide variety of vessel sizes, types and cruising lifestyles.

Dometic has developed The Turbo Global Air Conditioning system to solve a very real problem for boaters. There was a clear demand for an air conditioning system that would allow boaters to take their vessels into any harbour around the world and plug into any shore power without the need for any voltage regulating device.

Peter Kruk, President of EMEA, Dometic says: “We are pleased to be delivering an innovative solution that meets the need in the market. Innovation and product leadership are important components of our strategy at Dometic and it is great to see our product will help boaters all over the world enjoy time on the water in greater comfort.”

This new technology has been subjected to extensive testing and performance verification, both in the laboratory and in field trials aboard vessels around the world. Great effort was put into ensuring that these new systems delivered not only global versatility, but also the quiet performance, high output and long-term reliability boaters have come to expect from Dometic.

The new Turbo Global Air Conditioning system will also allow Dometic to reduce its unit part numbers by more than 40-percent, which will benefit boat builders through reduced inventory requirements and simplified production.

Complete line will be available in March 2020.

Note to Editors

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О компании Dometic

Dometic, являясь лидером мирового рынка, предлагает фирменные решения для мобильной жизни в таких сферах, как еда и напитки, кондиционирование воздуха, питание и управление, гигиена и санитария, безопасность и защита. Компания Dometic работает в Северной и Южной Америке, Европе, России, Африке, Ближнем Востоке и Азиатско-Тихоокеанском регионе, создавая продукты, подходящие для использования в автодомах, грузовиках и автомобилях премиум-класса, на прогулочных и коммерческих судах, а также для множества других областей применения. Наша цель — создавать продуманную, надежную и незаурядную продукцию. Наша продукция доступна в 100 странах мира. Мы создали глобальную сеть дилеров и дистрибьюторов, предоставляющих также и послепродажное обслуживание. В компании Dometic работает около 8000 человек по всему миру; чистый объем продаж в 2018 году составил 18 млрд шв. крон (2 млрд долларов США). Штаб-квартира компании расположена в Стокгольме (Швеция).

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