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New Dometic Pro-Trim Puts Precision Control Right at the Driver's Fingertips

LITCHFIELD, IL USA - April 15, 2021. Dometic Marine Pro-Trim System got a new look with clean and elegant design and offers easy installation and single or dual function capability, making it an ideal “bolt-on” upgrade for bass boats, bay boats and other high-performance fishing rigs.

Dometic Marine has introduced an updated, next-generation Pro-Trim Engine Trim Control System with new attractive design engineered for use on a range of outboard powered boats.  

With its clean, modern design, straightforward installation and single or dual-function capability, Pro-Trim is an ideal choice for a range of high-performance boats.  It makes an easy DIY upgrade for bass boats, bay boats, flats rigs and other popular boats.  Properly adjusted engine trim and engine height can help a boat pop out of the hole and up on plane faster, while getting the best top-end speed and hull stability while running at Wide Open Throttle.

Pro-Trim is designed for use with a range of SeaStar hydraulic and mechanical steering systems.  By mounting either a single or dual Pro-Trim System between the steering wheel and the helm bezel, boaters will have precise control of engine trim and/or jack plate adjustment right at their fingertips.   

Functioning like an automotive “turn signal” switch, Pro-Trim allows boaters to make quick and precise up/down adjustments to engine trim and jack plate height, all while keeping their hands on the wheel and their vision ahead of the boat.

“Professional bass anglers and other high-performance boaters know how important proper engine trim and motor height are to optimizing boat performance and control,” said Dometic Marine President Eric Fetchko.  “This system was designed to help boaters make incremental adjustments on the fly, to get the best performance, efficiency and safety in any situation,” added Fetchko.

Single and dual-function systems can be used to control not only engine trim and jack plate height, but also horns or other systems.   Pro-Trim is built for marine use, with a strong stainless-steel bracket, UV-stabilized ABS switch cover and heavy-duty marine wiring harness.  An ideal DIY boat improvement project, Pro-Trim comes with all required mounting hardware and boater-friendly installation instructions.

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