Холодильники для грузовиков и спецтехники

Как вы проводите время на остановках? Вы предпочитаете просто перекусить за рулем? Или время от времени вам хочется чего-то более существенного? Хранение еды для длительных поездок — проблема? Или вы ищете подходящий холодильник для свободного пространства в кабине? В любом случае среди продукции Do...
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CCF - T Series

Convenient Center Console Refrigerator


Холодильники серии CD позволяют превратить небольшое неиспользуемое пространство в полезный выдвижной холодильник


Cool food and drink on the go for any mobile space


Холодильники-трансформеры серии CRX: холодильник, морозильная камера или то и другое сразу. Выбирать вам.

Elite 4-Door

Cool food storage with style


Первоклассные компрессорные холодильники серии CR — это выгодное и высокоэффективное приобретение

RGE Series

Автономные абсорбционные холодильники идеально подойдут для многих помещений


The number one replacement refrigerator for existing cabinet openings regardless of brand


The RHD Series is tailor-made compressor cooling for IVECO, Mercedes & Volvo


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As the original pioneers of cooling technology, Dometic understand what it takes to make a reliable and high quality refrigerator. And, as the demand for cooling has extended from static homes to mobile living, we have continued to lead the way. Our truck refrigerators are designed with cutting-edge expertise and decades of experience. There are different types of truck fridge to suit different needs, and indeed, different trucks! Below we have compiled some tips on what to consider when choosing, and then using, your truck refrigerator:

Flush mounted truck refrigerators add style and save space

When choosing your truck refrigerator, finding a compact unit that fits in confined spaces is often a high priority. However, as well compact dimensions, have you also considered a flush-mounted truck fridge? Not only does the flush mounting save on space, it also looks incredibly stylish.

Solar powered truck refrigerators

The first advantage of running your truck refrigerator with solar power is that is saves money. But solar energy is not only free, it's an environmentally friendly option too. Plus, if your truck fridge runs on solar power, you can ensure that you won't drain your vehicle battery while keeping your drinks cool.

A tailor-made refrigerator for your truck

We have specially designed truck refrigerators for some of the most popular brands of truck on the market. If, for example, you own a Volvo VH or a Mercedes-Benz Actros 2 or 3 model, then you should check out our truck fridges which are tailor-made specifically for those vehicles.

Truck refrigerators for reliable cold chain management

If your vehicle is responsible for delivering fresh produce, we have specially designed truck refrigerators and truck freezers with factory-preset fixed temperatures (+4 °C or –18 °C), so the obligatory cold chain is reliably maintained at all times. Features such as a top loader design for quick and easy access to contents, ensure minimal loss of cool air when the sliding door is opened. On top of that, the pallet feet on the underside of the container ensure convenient loading and unloading with a forklift.

Truck refrigerators designed to cool in the hot environments

The inside of a truck cabin can get very warm, especially when the air conditioner is turned off. Fortunately, this won't impact the cooling performance of your truck fridge. The powerful compressor cooling technology used in our truck refrigerators is able to cool in the hottest environments.

Three tips for efficient and economical operation of your truck refrigerator:

Close the truck refrigerator properly

Make sure you always close the doors of your refrigerator properly. Some truck refrigerators have features, such magnetic seals, to ensure the door closes firmly. However, it is always worth checking the condition of the seals from time to time, so you can be certain that cold air is not escaping from your truck refrigerator.

Do not overload your truck refrigerator!

For the best cooling results from your truck refrigerator, it is important that cold air can circulate through the shelves and around the stored food or drink. If your truck fridge is packed full, then the effective circulation of cool air will be restricted and, as a result, the cooling performance weakened.

Turn your refrigerator on the day before

By turning your truck refrigerator on the night before your trip, you can ensure that the fridge is cooled to an optimal temperature. Doing this overnight also requires less energy due the cooler ambient temperature. You should also place anything that is already frozen into your truck freezer to help reduce the work of the freezer as it lowers the temperature.