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Инновационная технология AirFrame с использованием нескольких точек надува обеспечивает быструю и простую установку. С нашими ультралегкими и прочными надувными палатками ваш отдых в кемпинге станет намного удобнее. Палатки вместительностью от 3 до 8 человек.
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Ascension FTX

Идеальная надувная палатка для семейного отдыха

Rarotonga FTT

Индивидуальные варианты отдыха на природе

Boracay FTC

Компактное решение для роскошного отдыха на природе


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Brean AIR

Компактное решение для роскошного отдыха на природе

Croyde AIR

Make the most of the outdoors

Hayling AIR

Индивидуальные варианты отдыха в кемпинге

Studland AIR

The ultimate inflatable family tent

Wittering AIR

The perfect camping package


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Inflatable tents have revolutionized camping. Advancements in technology and new materials make them a real contender in terms of must-have camping gear. Long gone are the days of spending hours properly setting up a tent. Now, setting up your home from home is handled in no time with a Dometic camping tent.

The Perfect Tent for First-Time and Veteran Campers

Investing in an inflatable camping tent is ideal for anyone regardless of their camping experience. If you're a first-time camper, you'll enjoy having a no-fuss tent that you can set up in seconds. If you're a camping veteran, you’ll love the high quality materials and the latest tent technology found in our inflatable tents.

Important Features to Look for in an Inflatable Camping Tent

You're planning on upgrading your camping equipment but are not sure what features to look for in a quality air frame tent? Dometic inflatable tents will help you make the most of your upcoming camping trips by saving you some valuable vacation time. They have multiple AirPoles that inflate individually, which allows for fast setup and takedown. In addition, Dometic tents feature a quick-pitch guiding element so that they set up in seconds without you having to manually guide them.

Fabric Types

Dometic tents are built to stand up to the elements, keeping you and your family safe whatever the weather throws at you. Dometic inflatable tents are either made of polycotton fabric or coated polyester. Polycotton fabric is uncoated and self-sealing due to its cotton content of 35 %. This breathable material reduces condensation in the tent and regulates the interior temperature . Inflatable tents constructed using Weathershield Polyester material have a fire-retardant coating which also protects them against early degeneration by UV rays. Furthermore, they are extremely lightweight. Both of these fabric types are exceptionally tough, so your tent will last for years to come.

Dometic Puts Quality First

When you buy from Dometic, you’re buying from a brand with experience. We sell our inflatable tents to campers the world over. Dometic delivers reliable products that are safe to use and strives for resource efficiency during their entire life cycle.

Different Sizes of Inflatable Camping Tents

Dometic covers all your camping needs with a wide range of inflatable camping tents. For large families, Dometic offers spacious tents with plenty of standing room and some of the widest bedrooms on the market. If you want a tent with a canopy, Dometic offers the Hayling series, which is available in four and six berths. There's also the Brean series, which are smaller tents for three to four people.

Protect Your Privacy

Most inflatable Dometic tents feature zipped window blinds. These zipped blinds come with

integrated easy-store pockets and make it easy to quickly zip up the windows when you want privacy or unzip them when you want to take in views of the great outdoors. Additionally, the inner tents use dark material that blocks out sunlight for a good night’s sleep.

Spare Parts for Dometic Inflatable Tents

Dometic has you covered. Spare parts for each inflatable tent are available HERE . To ensure that you buy the right part for your tent, look up the SKU and PNC numbers on your product's data label. You can also use the form at the bottom of the page to contact Dometic directly for help with any questions.