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Цель компании Dometic — разработать для кабин грузовиков такое же роскошное и комфортное оборудование, как и для современных автодомов. Для дальнобойщиков холодильник в кабине — это не роскошь, а необходимость, гарантия поддержания нужной температуры продуктов питания и напитков в течение длительног...

Solutions for Trucks

Dometic has set itself the path to create a truck cabin just as luxurious and comfortable equipped as a modern motor home. For truckers on long-haul rides, an in-cabin refrigerator isn’t simply a luxury – it’s a necessity, required to keep food and drink cold over extensive periods of time.

Dometic is committed to making truck cabs as well equipped as any modern RV. After all, for truckers on long-haul rides, a refrigerator isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

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Dometic enjoys more than 15 years’ experience of truck and agricultural vehicle refrigeration. Our products operate with the same efficient compressor cooling technology found in residential refrigerators – but adapted for the open road. We offer robust, heavy-duty solutions that fit any cab design and can be customized to meet individual specifications.

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Our truck OEM range also includes roller blinds, cooled and heated door bottle holders, heated and cooled cupholders as well as microwave ovens. Dometic also offers cooling compartments, providing active cooling in the existing or available console space. Coated with insulating foam and featuring a high-performance Peltier element or compressor, these compartments allow passengers to store cold beverages or food items.

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