Winter Road

World's first inflatable winter awning

Now there's no off-season

Stay sheltered this winter with the world's first inflatable winter awning, from Kampa Dometic. The Winter AIR PVC has been developed specifically to satisfy the needs of the out-of-season tourer and those with a passion for winter sports. This super tough awning is constructed with Weathershield™ PVC, a waterproof, long-lasting and easy to clean 400g/m2 PVC material. This rugged awning is equally suited to short breaks away and extended winter vacations, the Winter AIR PVC is rated to an impressive -20 °C - more than a match for even the most extreme snowy conditions. 

The Winter AIR PVC has been designed with your comfort in mind. More than merely protecting you from the wintery conditions, we have ensured this inflatable awning is full of smart features to keep you comfortable no matter what. Patented single point inflation AirFrame technology ensures ease of use and reliable operation, while weather protected ventilation points increase air circulation, reduce condensation and improve comfort. 

Snow poles

Snow support poles

Adjustable poles provide extra strength when you need it.

APEX ventilation

Increases air circulation and reduces condensation.
AirFrame Technology

AirFrame Technology

Simply inflate from a single point for the fastest awning setup.

Prepared for anything

The Winter AIR PVC has been designed from top to bottom to support your winter adventures. In anticipation of the demanding weather conditions you may face, the world’s first purpose built inflatable winter awning has everything you need to thrive in the most challenging of conditions.

Included with the awning as standard:

  • 2 x Rear upright poles
  • 2 x Snow support poles
  • Roof lining
  • Storm straps
  • Draught skirt
  • Downdraught hand pump
  • Tarzan pegs
Prepared for anything

Choose your winter awning

Caravan owners, select size S. For motorhomes with connection heights between 250-265 cm, select size L.
Kampa Dometic Winter AIR PVC 260 S
Kampa Dometic Winter AIR PVC 260 S
Inflatable static awning
Kampa Dometic Winter AIR PVC 260 L
Kampa Dometic Winter AIR PVC 260 L
Inflatable static awning

The perfect fit

The Winter AIR PVC is equally suited for use with a caravan or motorhome, a unique feature developed by Kampa Dometic. We've achieved this by installing triple beading; 4 mm, 6 mm and 7 mm keder as standard, allowing fitment to both caravan awning rails and motorhome cassette awnings. This innovative approach means caravans and motorhomes with awning connection heights ranging from 235 - 265 cm are covered by our Winter AIR PVC range. Where to buy
Perfect Fit

"Touring knows no seasons"

Sascha Mokhtar

"An inflatable awning is easier and much faster to pitch"

"After over one year without an awning, we were missing the amenities, the comfort and atmosphere they provide. We used to love playing cards at night, with the wind whistling outside and appreciated the ability to store wet clothing, shoes and ski gear, we decided we needed a new one.

As before, we’ve chosen an inflatable awning. Why? An inflatable awning is easier and much faster to pitch, which meets our wish to move from one place to another quickly and without hassle. Furthermore, with trips planned to snowy Switzerland and the stormy Dutch coast for this and coming winters, we required a sturdy winter awning, so we opted for the new Kampa Dometic Winter AIR PVC 260.

We have had a consistently positive experience with our new awning. I easily managed the set-up on my own. Using the matching keder, the awning simply slides into the rail on the caravan and after a few pumps, the awning is ready for pegging out. The awning is finished to a very high standard, nothing is awry or twisted to one side and thanks to the sturdy AirFrame construction, there are only a few essential pegging points. Something I especially love about our new awning is that it has two mud walls – one inside, one outside. Meaning there’s no chance of wind and rain penetrating the awning."


"A cosy awning that perfectly meets our winter requirements"

"Once the awning had been set up in a matter of minutes, we put the interior accessories in place. First, we fixed the tailor-made draught skirt to the underside of our caravan. We then fitted the adjustable rear upright poles to get a wind-tight seal between the caravan side and the rear wall of the awning. The connection is made using a foam pad sewn to the awning, which is simply folded down and pressed onto the surface. Next, we fitted the awning’s inner roof lining, which provided us with two benefits. First, the awning is even cosier inside; second, condensation is massively reduced. Finally, we attached fairy lights to the velcro loops found throughout the awning, creating a cosy atmosphere."
Winter awning at night

In Short

"The Kampa Dometic Winter AIR PVC is a high quality, comfortable awning that perfectly meets our winter requirements. It’s easy to set up, extends the living space of our caravan and provides us with an area to store our wet boots, winter coats and ski gear. The materials look and feel very robust and the inflatable frame is extremely durable, the awning kept us comfortable despite the strong costal winds and layers of snow. We can’t wait for our next adventure with our awning, winter in Switzerland, we’re hoping for lots of snow."

- Sascha Mokhtar

Sascha Mokhtar
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