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What is a dometic ambassador and influencer?

Dometic Ambassadors and Influencers are a select group of diverse and inspiring individuals who bring to life our ethos of mobile living made easy.

Our Ambassadors and Influencers are RV, boat, van or 4X4 owners, or simply lovers of the great outdoors who use our product solutions to make #MobileLivingMadeEasy for them. 

They are skilled content creators in-front and behind the camera who are passionate about documenting and sharing their mobile living adventures and lifestyle with their substantial and engaged audiences on social media and other digital communication platforms. 

We consider our Ambassadors and Influencers to be a valued part of our team and are committed to supporting them on their #MobileLivingMadeEasy adventures, all whilst creating great content together. 




As a successful applicant, you agree to:

  • Create content by yourself (video footage and stills) about your Dometic products and mobile living experiences and be available throughout the coming year to create content with us. 
  • Allow us to utilize these media assets on our website, for marketing purposes, and on our social media channels. 
  • Attend trade shows and events as a representative of Dometic. 
  • Participate in product testing and provide feedback.

If this sounds exciting to you, then please fill out the Dometic Ambassador application form below.