How do I measure my caravan for an awning?

An inflatable awning is the perfect accessory for your caravan. Whether it’s a place to lose your wet coat and muddy shoes, an extra sleeping area for guests, or a luxurious extension of your caravan’s living space, a Kampa Dometic awning is key to many happy vacations and breaks away.

Simply print this handy guide out, fill in your caravan’s measurements and visit your local Kampa Dometic awning stockist to find the perfect awning for your van.

Kampa Dometic Caravan Awnings

Attach by simply sliding the keder into your caravan’s awning rail.

Measure Caravan Awnings

A: The height to the awning rail from the ground. Measure this to ensure your vehicle attachment height is within the tolerances our caravan awnings allow for. Kampa Dometic awnings are suitable for caravans with attachment heights between 235-250cm.
Note: If your A measurement is greater than 250cm consider one of our static motorhome awnings, available in a range of heights up to 310cm.

B: The length of the straight section of awning rail. This measurement determines which size awning you can purchase. Kampa Dometic awnings are not suitable for curved or bent sections of awning rail. E.g. An Ace AIR Pro 400 requires a minimum of 400cm of straight awning rail.

C: The distance between the end of the straight section of awning rail and the edge of the door. Ensure you have enough space to allow for the rear sealing pad of the of your awning to fit between the edge of the door and the end of the straight section of awning rail. We recommend at least 25cm.
Note: The awning can cross a window, whilst it may obstruct usage it will not damage the window or effect the awning’s performance.

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