The Lifeboat Station Project

Jack Lowe

After 18 years of working with commercial photography, Ambassador Jack Lowe found himself in search of something that would take him away from sitting in front of a computer screen all day. Considering what he felt most passionate about, he put the following words to paper: Photography, lifeboats, and the sea.

Dometic Ambassador Jack Lowe

It would be those three words that would be the beginning of what is now known as THE LIFEBOAT STATION PROJECT—a project that will see Jack visiting all 237 Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) stations in the United Kingdom and Ireland to photograph them in order to preserve and document this iconic yet vital part of his homeland’s culture for generations to come.

Dometic Ambassador Jack Lowe

An ambitious project in itself is made even more so by Jack’s chosen method of photography. Using a process known as WET PLATE COLLODION, Jack crafts unique photographs on glass, capturing the view from each station and the waters protected by the RNLI crews.

Dometic Ambassador Jack Lowe

With a 10 to 15-minute window to develop the images and a project that would see him spend the coming years on the road, Jack required a darkroom that could travel with him—which lead to the purchase of ‘Neena’: a decommissioned ambulance that would become Jack’s mobile darkroom.

Dometic Ambassador Jack Lowe

Neena is equipped with a selection of Dometic products to meet Jack’s essential needs, ensuring he is as comfortable as possible while at each station completing this fascinating project. Marked for completion in 2020, with 113 stations photographed and 125 to go—Jack and Neena’s work continues.

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