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Slide Out Awnings for RV

Slide Out RV Awnings

Complete your RV Slide-Out

The Slidetopper shields your slide-out from leaves, animals and rain. Its durable metal case protects against damage from sharp objects or protruding tree limbs. For cleaner more comfortable mobile living.

  • Protects the RV slideout room from unwanted debris
  • Extends and retracts automatically with the RV slideout room
  • Reflects light to help keep the RV interior cooler
  • Available with a vinyl weathershield
  • Anti-billow device keeps fabric rolled tight to help prevent wind damage


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RV Slide-Out Awnings for a More Comfortable Travelling

You have been a fan of camping for years. It is a great way to spend quality time with your family, see new places and get fresh air. When your spouse suggested that your family graduates from tent camping to a recreational vehicle, you did not need much convincing to start shopping for that feature-rich RV or motorhome that is the right size for your household. You plan to drive your new motorhome to campsites and stay parked there for weeks at a time throughout the year. You and your family are partial to motorhomes that have slide-out bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms because they offer flexible space options. If you choose an RV that has slide-out rooms, consider getting slide-out RV awnings . They improve the curb appeal of your RV and offer long-term time and money savings. Here is how.

Camper Slide-out Awnings Protect Tops From Debris

Some of the most sought-after camp resorts feature wooded landscapes that campers value for their natural beauty and shade during the warmer months. You’ll notice that it’s easy for your RV slide-outs to pick up leaves, pine cones, and twigs when you park in these wooded spaces. If you retract your slides without sweeping away those items, you’ll damage the rubber seals that help to keep your motorhome water tight. There is a better way to clean the tops of your slide-outs without climbing a ladder and brushing things off manually. Your RV slide topper retracts with the slide-out, and the debris falls off automatically.

Slide-out Awnings Keep Out Pests

Getting your kids interested in the flora and fauna of a different ecosystem is part of the reason that you go camping often. Wooded areas are home to critters that would love to find a way inside your RV. Squirrels, mice, insects and even snakes could use small spaces on top of your slide-outs to enter your RV for food, water or shade. At Dometic, we produce motorhome slide-out awnings that create effective barriers against pest invasion. Dometic slide toppers are made with durable, high-quality materials. When you retract your slide-outs, you will enjoy hassle-free travel with no stow-away visitors.

RV Slide-Out Awnings Help to Prevent Water Damage

Moisture damage is a key enemy of your RV. Large leaks ruin motorhome carpets, furniture, and wall paneling. Small leaks increase interior humidity, which causes unchecked mold and mildew growth. These scenarios lead to unhealthy and less comfortable motorhome trips. Your RV’s slide-out rooms become sources of leaks when you extend them during rain and snow storms. Having an RV slide-out awning for each of your slide-outs prevents precipitation from accumulating on the tops of your slide-outs. Dometic has been making high-quality RV slide-out covers for years. Our world leading brand is sold in over 100 markets. Contact your local Dometic dealer to find out more information about the RV slide topper that’s right for your motorhome.

When to Consider Camper Slide-out Awnings

Ideally, you would want to consider the benefits of a slide-out RV awning before you buy your motorhome. With factory-installed awnings, you’re almost assured of getting a great-fitting product for your RV. Sometimes the right camping solution for your household is a used motorhome that’s not yet outfitted with awnings for slide-out rooms . In these cases, it is best to contact your local Dometic retailer for a consultation.


While camping is usually an inexpensive vacation option, the initial investment for a first-rate RV is significant. Covers such as the Dometic slide toppers help to protect your investment for years of enjoyment.