Shift and Throttle Control Cables

在控制系统中,控制电缆是非常重要的部件。它在控制头和推进装置之间起到重要的连接作用。多美达 SeaStar 换档和油门控制电缆可确保您的换档和油门系统平稳有效地运行。
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Safe and Efficient

The control cable is a very important component in the control system. It is the vital link between the control head and the propulsion unit. Employing Dometic SeaStar Shift and Throttle Control Cables ensures that your shift and throttle system operate smoothly and efficiently.

Xtreme Cables

With its unique splined core, Dometic Xtreme cables deliver unparalleled smoothness and efficiency – with hardly any lost motion – even in the longest and most complex cable routings. This gives superior feel at the control, performance that until now was considered ‘impossible’.

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Standard Cables

Dometic SeaStar Standard cables offer a complete range of control cables to suit all applications. Available in standard, midrange, and supreme styles. Our Gen II type cables are specifically designed to be used with Mercury 4000 series controls.

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