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New Dometic Hipro Minibar to Reduce Opex for Hoteliers

Stockholm, Sweden - April 9, 2021. New Dometic HiPro Minibar reduces energy consumption by 40% while boosting the cooling performance and optimizing functionality. Innovative features like a full-glass door with rack and unique interior illumination beautifully celebrate beverages and bring an entertainment focal point to any hotel room.

Today Dometic announces a game-changing new minibar series, Dometic HiPro. The new minibars reduce operational expenses for hotel owners by lowering power consumption considerably. Dometic itself designs and manufactures the advanced engineering technology that made it possible for the new series to achieve up to 40% lower power consumption (own comparison) while improving cooling performance.

Peter Kjellberg, CMO and Head of Other Verticals says, “In addition to superior performance, the new series has many industry-first designs. Unique interior illumination is made so that the entire menu in the bar is beautifully presented through the full-glass door, even the minibar door rack which has been designed to hold champagne bottles.

The guests will see the beautifully curated menu in the minibar when they enter the room. The hotelier can design the in-room bar with their own character and create a new entertainment focal point for their guests.”   

Sustainability aspects should not be forgotten. Dometic is the first in the industry to introduce a chromate-free absorption inhibitor. This allows Dometic minibars to comply with the strictest environmental regulations in the world. 

For hoteliers and resort brands who care about their sustainable profile, Dometic minibars are a safe choice as they are a future-proof investment. 

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