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Tried and tested across the world – Dometic refrigerators and safes for health and care facilities

Dometic is a leading manufacturer of cooling appliances for special applications – with decades of experience in the healthcare sector. Our reference list includes hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and laboratories.

Among the most compact of their kind, Dometic Health Care and Food Line refrigerators have been tried and tested many thousands of times all over the world. With its proSafe and SafeLock ranges, Dometic also provides reliable solutions for secure storage of patients’ and residents’ valuables.

All products for the healthcare sector are manufactured to stringent quality and environmental standards in Dometic’s own, certified factories. Our sales and service network spans almost 100 countries and provides personal support to customers and planners on every continent.

Hospitals & Clinics

Having their own Food Line fridge and proSafe in the room makes life easier for patients. They are less dependent on staff for refreshments and can rest assured their valuables are safely stored. This, in turn, relieves the staff and cuts operating costs. Hotel-like amenities can also help hospitals and clinics stand out from their competitors. Medical refrigerators on the station floor provide easy access to daily medications and common prescriptions, which means shorter distances to go for hospital staff.

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Retirement Homes

Dometic Food Line refrigerators take up very little space and offer a great deal of comfort. They make the residents feel more independent, giving the nursing staff more time for other tasks. Dometic medical refrigerators provide safe storage for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and fast access to daily essentials.
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Dometic Health Care refrigerators keep smaller amounts of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, preparations and vaccines close at hand for immediate access.

They provide safe storage of the content at a temperature between +2°C and +8°C. The well-organized, illuminated interior with practical drawers and compartments makes for easy handling.

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