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Minibars for Care facilities

Mini fridges for your care facility or hospital to keep drinks cool & food fresh


Classic Line是迷你吧中的翹楚,代表著當代製冷技術、智能設計和額外的舒適感。Classic Line迷你吧配備創新節能吸收式製冷技術、快思邏輯溫度調節和自動解凍功能,既省時又省錢。時尚的玻璃門設計不僅充分提升產品的外觀,亦可提高潛在的盈利能力,並且備有三種型號可供選擇:20、30和40公升。

  • 除了冷凍功能,此迷你酒櫃還配備5升冰格!
  • 完全靜音的吸收式製冷技術,絕無噪音干擾!
  • 兩層可調整門架以及兩層靈活內部層架
  • 設有內燈,更添便利
  • 弧形櫃門能與周圍環境完美結合


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Hotel guests looking for convenience will nosh or drink from a minibar. At night, they likely want a refrigerator or other cooling apparatus that won't keep them awake through either noise, vibration or both. Fortunately, Dometic minibars and their accouterments fit the bill.

Why Do You Need a Minibar?

Hoteliers and others in the hospitality industry need these items to stock their guest or patient rooms. From a glass minibar that provides guests with a frostless view of the goodies inside to a large-sized minibar refrigerator that lets one keep more than a six pack cool for an evening get-together of friends, Dometic provides just what you need in this regard.

What Is Important When Choosing the Right Minibar?

Opt for quality materials that can stand up to rough everyday use for a period of years. Additionally you would want your new minibar to be just as visually appealing as the rest of your interior. Our products fulfill these requirements admirably.

Another important point of consideration is the exact spot where you want to put your minibar in. There are models of multiple sizes available, from a fairly small 20 liters to a full 2.6 cubic feet. Fortunately all of Dometic's products allow you to choose where the hinges are so that they can be placed on either side of a bar. This enables you to make optimal use of the given space in your guest room. Drawer constructions are perfect for small spaces and Dometic has a full line of such refrigerators as well. Also we have mastered the art of noiseless refrigeration, so that our minibars can be installed directly at your guest’s bedside without disturbing their often much needed sleep.

Are Dometic's Products Green?

Most miniature refrigerators need routine defrosting, especially when placed in an occupied guest room all the time. Dometic minibars do not require that, because their glass door designs are highly energy-efficient and have an A+ rating in that regard.

Is the Glass in Dometic Minibars Safe?

Dometic provides models with glass doors and models with traditional doors. But no need to worry about the safety of guests and patients: Both the shelves and the doors are all made of safety glass!

Why is Dometic the Best Supplier of Minibars?

Dometic is renowned throughout the world. The superb quality and sensational performance of Dometic's minibars and minibar refrigerators set the standard in more than 100 markets worldwide. Their innovative technology leads the way and sets the stage for future developments in the industry. Dometic is proud to supply superior products for reasonable costs.