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Dometic CoolAir SP 950C
Compressor unit

Providing 24 V stationary air conditioning this compressor unit can be used with an evaporator unit mounted on the roof or inside the cabin.
  • Flexible
  • Quick and easy
  • Mobile
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CoolAir SP 950

What do you do if there’s no way to install a roof parking cooler, because the cabin is too tall or already fitted with a roof-mounted structure, or the roof slope is too high? Then a version of the SP 950 split parking cooler will save the situation. With this system the compressor unit and the evaporator unit are fitted separately: the compressor unit always to the outside of the cabin rear wall, the evaporator unit on the roof or to the inner side of the cabin rear wall, depending on the type of vehicle you have.
CoolAir SP 950
Dometic CoolAir SP 950C
...and more
    • Compressor unit can be used with either roof or cabin-interior mounted evaporator units
    • Quick and clean installation with vehicle-specific assembly accessories
    • Rotary compressor for mobile use
    • Unit has a white shell that can be spray-painted to match truck bodywork
    • Works with all windows closed thereby minimizing risk of theft
    • ADR-compliant for all classes except EX/II and EX/III
    • Adjustable low-voltage protection for vehicle battery

Flexibly cool

Offering an alternative solution to truck cabin cooling, the Dometic CoolAir SP 950C compressor unit offers top cooling performance with superb flexibility. It can be combined with one of two evaporator units – either the super-slim roof-mounted Dometic CoolAir SP950T or the CoolAir SP 950I, which is fitted to the inside of the cabin wall. Sure to provide a comfortable environment in any type of truck cabin.


SKU-Nummer 9105306667 
Modell SP950 
Modell auf Typenschild SP950C 
Lieferumfang Rear Wall Compressor unit, Installation Manual, Installation Material 
Product Description Compressor unit 
Abmessungen Produkttiefe 158 mm
Abmessungen Produkthöhe 490 mm
Abmessungen Produktbreite 346 mm
Nettogewicht 16 kg
Eingangsspannung (DC) 24 V
Kühlleistung (ISO 5151) 850 W
Leistungsaufnahme – Kühlbetrieb (ISO 5151) 530 W
Anzahl der Luftströme
Zertifikate CE, e1 
EAN-13 6951218411949 
Abmessungen Packstücktiefe 570 mm
Abmessungen Packstückhöhe 210 mm
Abmessungen Packstückbreite 400 mm
Packstückgewicht 20 kg


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