Dometic CoolAir SP 950T
Roof evaporator unit

This super-slim rooftop evaporator unit for a truck's split parking cooler provides effective 24 V stationary air conditioning.
  • Maximize cabin space
  • Compact
    58 mm height
  • Anti-theft
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Dometic CoolAir SP 950T
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    • Installed on roof to save space in cabin
    • Super-flat unit means roof height is not majorly affected
    • Works with all windows closed thereby minimizing risk of theft
    • 100 % clean removal when vehicle-specific installation kits and fastening frames are used
    • ADR-compliant for all classes except EX/II, EX/III
    • Unit has a white shell that can be spray-painted to match truck bodywork

Super-slim rooftop cooler

At only 58 mm high, the Dometic CoolAir SP 950T provides an ergonomic solution to truck cabin cooling. Ideal for trucks with tall cabins, roof spoilers or roof-mounted structures, this compact unit is unobtrusive and so slim that is has no major impact on the vehicle’s overall height. The unit’s white exterior shell can be spray painted to match the cabin’s bodywork and by using the additional installation kits, the unit can be removed easily and cleanly.


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