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Emil Areng

The world-class bartender and his MoBar

Emil Areng

The world-class bartender and his MoBar

Emil has spent the last 15 years working behind the bar to become one of Sweden’s, and the world’s greatest bartenders. Nowadays you’ll also find Emil making creative cocktails at home and entertaining friends from behind his Dometic Mobar beverage center.

Who inspired you to become a bartender?

My brother Stefan was the one who inspired me to start working as a Bartender and I can't thank him enough for letting me in to "his world".

What does it mean to you to be a Dometic Ambassador?

For me it’s a great honor to represent Dometic. It’s a brand that I will never be ashamed of and it’s always fun to see how people react on what a cool freaking company Dometic really is.

What Dometic products do you have?
I have the Dometic CFX3 to cool ice, drinks and ingredients, and the Dometic Mobar50S which is perfect to have at home when making cocktails for some friends. The only thing missing is a Dometic Shaker to match my Mobar!

What are the most important things to consider when prepping the mobar for a party or get together?
To be fully prepared, the key things needed are pressed juices, cooked syrups, prepped garnishes and all the liquids and glasses that you need for a whole night. As well as good music, a good night’s sleep and some food for yourself.

What is your go-to musician for a party?

What is your favorite cocktail to make at the MoBar?
Red Snapper, look at the Dometic Video, it’s smashing!

What is your favorite memory from your work/ hobby?
To be able to travel all around the world just to make people happy with cocktails!

What is the worst memory you have from your work/hobby?
Unfortunately, sometimes you get people who look down on both the staff and other guests. Some people see themselves as better than everyone when we are all just the same at the end of the day.

About Emil Åreng

From Bräcke, a small town in the center of Sweden, Emil has spent the last 15 years becoming an expert bartender. As a self-proclaimed 'class-clown', it's always been a goal of his to add creativity and fun into everything, including his work and cocktail creations.

As well being a world-class bartender, Emil is a sports enthusiast (and highly competitive!) and enjoys ice hockey and curling. When he's not bar tending or playing sports, you'll find him spending time outdoors, reading and writing, spending time with his family, travelling or playing video games.

Carving his own path in the world, he believes we all need to stand up for nature and take small steps every day to do our part in saving the planet.


Dometic MoBar 300 S

Dometic MoBar 300 S

Mobile Outdoor-Bar, rotationsgeformter Korb, Ein-Zonen-Kühlschrank, Edelstahl

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Dometic MoBar 50 S

Dometic MoBar 50 S

Mobile Outdoorbar, isolierter Präsentationskorb, Edelstahl

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