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Ob nur eine kurze Kletterpartie oder ein mehrtägiger Aufenthalt mit mehreren anspruchsvollen Kletteretappen: Wir haben alles, was Sie für das perfekte Basislager brauchen. Von mobilen Stromversorgungslösungen bis hin zu Pavillons – bei uns werden Sie fündig, damit Sie länger unterwegs sein können.

Ausrüstung für Ihr Kletter-Basislager

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          What are the essential items to bring on a climbing & camping trip?

          When embarking on a rock climbing and camping trip, make sure to bring gear that will keep you safe and comfortable. Pack climbing essentials like a harness, rope, helmet, and first aid kit, along with camping gear like a , sleeping bag, stove, and cooking utensils. Bring plenty of food and water so you’ll be ready to conquer any climb and enjoy your camping experience to the fullest.  

          Build your own climbing basecamp

          Are you ready to embark on the ultimate adventure and build your very own climbing basecamp? With the right gear and equipment, your basecamp will be your home away from home and the perfect starting point for your next epic climb. It’s essential to choose the right to suit your needs. For an easy and quick setup that offers ample space for rest, cooking, and planning, consider the . This shelter can withstand any weather conditions and is perfect for the adventurous spirit. To perfect your basecamp, don’t forget to stock up on essential gear like a , , and .  

          How do I charge my appliances off-the-grid?

          Do you dream of working in nature with the world as your office or simply having a secluded movie night under the starts? Take the convenience and connectivity of modern electronics with you. With Dometic’s range of and , you can enjoy the perks of home such as powering your laptop and charging your smartphone even in the most remote locations.