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Dometic Optimus E-Actuator, Inboard

Inboard electric steering for wake boats, with CANtrak, EA3300C

With industry leading expertise, Dometic developed the electric actuator to provide the fast steering response, high precision control and safety demanded by today’s inboard customers. The installation has been simplified with only four components to make up the system: electric actuator, CANtrak, harness, and electronic helm. The comfort and control you expect is accomplished with Optimus Electric Steering.

Verkauf über unser HändlernetzwerkLieferzeit 3-7 WerktageArt.-Nr. 9620013268 (EA3300C)

Ideal for vessels approximately 26' and under

Single and dual rudder applications

Fully sealed controller is integrated in the actuator

Reliable, efficient planetary roller screw technology

Application-specific to small high-speed vessels

All-electric, fluid-free design with a commitment to environmental responsibility

Steering parameters can be set based on boat characteristics


WarnungDieses Produkt verursacht u. U. eine Belastung mit Chemikalien wie z. B. Arsen, das laut dem US-Bundesstaat Kalifornien bekanntlich Krebs erregt. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter

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