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Introducing the Redux Line

Camping tents and chairs produced with fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles

Inflatable camping tents and chairs made using fabrics from 100% recycled plastic bottles

Dometic REDUX is our first line of outdoor products made from recycled post-consumer materials. The Dometic Rarotonga, Leggera and Auto tents, the second generation of our popular Dometic HUB shelter and the Lusso Milano camping chairs are our very first products to feature the Global Recycled Standard certified, Weathershield™ REDUX material. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

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Environmental impact starts with design

We are committed to drive innovation in our industry by designing products that minimize the environmental footprint when staying outdoors. The REDUX line fabrics is 100% made of post-consumer plastics, allowing you to enjoy nature while reusing recycled goods at same time. 

Made from post-consumer plastic bottles

The Weathershield™ material is made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and is Global Recycled Standard certified. The material name, REDUX, meaning ‘brought back’, hints at the responsible construction and re-use of landfill plastic.

Woven with recycled plastic bottle yarn

The bottles are choped and flaked and then melted and spun into the unique REDUX polyester. More than 1,6 million 50 cl PET bottles were recycled to produce the 2022 collection of REDUX line tents.

Weathershield™ REDUX polyester

Waterproof, lightweight and environmenatlly responsible. The Dometic Weathershield™ REDUX material is durable and provides reliable protection from the elements without compromise.

Patented Air Frame technology

Innovative AirFrame technology combined with single or multi-inflation points ensure a quick and easy set up. Our ultra-lightweight yet robust inflatable tents add convenience to camping adventures.

Quickpitch™ guying system

Set up in seconds. Peg the bottom strap taut and adjust the bucle to apply tension.

Single or multipoint inflation

Our reliable Air Frame system uses multiple inflation and deflation points for the most straightforward, time-saving tent set-up and takedown.

”Materials are really at the heart of our design and sustainability strategy at Dometic. We constantly challenge ourselves to use innovative, premium materials that minimize climate impact, resource depletion, and pollution.”

Henrik Jensfelt, Head of Design

We are all visitors here

Our goal is to maximize outdoor experiences while making as little impact as possible. Leaving nature as we found it. Adventuring responsibly is the choice that as nature lovers, we want to make possible for everyone.

We love the outdoors

A big part of loving the outdoors is protecting it. Sustaining nature is always at the heart of that love. All Dometic REDUX products are made with that passion, so they last trip after trip an you can keep enjoying the outdoors with a minimal environmental impact.

We want to hear from you

If you came this far you are probably a real avocate for sustainability and do your best to consume consciously. We can all start small to contribute in the bigger picture of a more sustainable way of creating and using products. Throw us an email and share your thoughts on what products you would like to see us develop.

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