The big cool

Dometic ColdMachine CU 95
Cooling unit for max. 400 l, cubic design

This tailor-made cooling solution offers a powerful, economical and quiet performance.
  • High-performance
    25 % more power
  • Extra-large capacity
    up to 400 l
  • Efficient : 9105306601 Visit support page
Dometic ColdMachine CU 95
...and more
    • The power regulated high-performance compressor gives 25 % more cooling power
    • Designed for extra-large refrigerator capacities up to 400 l or deep-freeze cooling up to 200 l
    • Adaptive Energy Optimizer Electronics for improved efficiency.
    • The corrosion resistant stainless steel mounting plate offers durability
    • Three evaporator options and one cold accumulator available
    • Not sensitive to tilts
    • Supplied with pre-charged refrigerant and self-sealing valve couplings for easy installation.

Tailor-made, extra-large cool

When standard cooling units don’t fit: a tailor-made refrigeration space must be created! This is an easy task for the Dometic ColdMachine 95, designed for extra-large refrigerators up to 400 l and for use in tropical waters. The stainless steel mounting plate offers durability while its power regulated high-performance compressor delivers 25 % more cooling power. The Adaptive Energy Optimiser electronics will ensure an efficient performance too. A professional unit designed to meet the very highest of cooling demands.

Installation & Operating Manual
Installation & Operating Manual


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