Black ventilation grill

A specially designed ventilation grill to release heat building up around your fridge. Mounted to outside wall of the vehicle.
  • Avoid energy waste
  • Circulation
  • RML or double door : 9105707357 Visit support page + FAQ
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    • Avoid wasting energy by removing heat which builds up around your fridge
    • The lower grill allows cool air in while the upper grill allows warm air to escape
    • Suitable for Dometic single-door models of fridge

Let the heat out

Specially designed ventilation system for mounting on the outside wall of the vehicle. Built to prevent energy wasting heat accumulation behind the fridge. In addition, they allow easy access for service and maintenance without removing the fridge. The lower ventilation grill leads cold air behind the refrigerator while the upper grille allows hot air to escape. Consists of a mounting frame, exhaust stake, grill with fly screen and winter protection. LS 300 vents are designed for models with two doors, which can be used for both top and bottom.


SKU number 9105707357 
Model LS300 
SKU replaced by 9600003022 
Scope of delivery 90 sets in one carton 
Product Description Black ventilation grill 
Dimensions product depth 42 mm
Dimensions product height 278 mm
Dimensions product width 518 mm
Colour Black 
EAN-13 4014742212375