Dometic HiPro 6000 Standard
Absorption hotel minibar, 50 l D

This stylish 48 l minibar is the result of eight decades of research. Offering a top cooling performance combined with efficiency and convenience. It’s innovative thinking put perfectly into practice.
  • Perfectly silent
  • Sensor controlled
  • Compact design : 9105706964 Visit support page + FAQ
Dometic HiPro 6000 Standard
...and more
    • Optimised energy management will save you money
    • Sensor controlled LED interior light and cooling unit surveillance
    • Perfectly silent absorption technology – no disturbance!
    • Inner door in “Bottle Body” design to accommodate tall 1.5 L bottles
    • Two shelves and two multifunctional door racks for organised storage of various product types
    • 48 l storage capacity

Ventilation of the cooling unit

To ensure optimum cooling performance with minimum energy consumption, several basic principles need to be followed when installing the minibar. The heat which the cooling unit extracts from the refrigerator interior is emitted at the back of the minibar. There must be sufficient ventilation here to prevent a build-up of heat. The free ventilation space for incoming and outgoing air should be at least 200 cm². The distance from the rear of the minibar to the rear wall of the furniture must be at least 2 cm. When installing the minibar, ensure that it is standing on a stable and horizontal surface, and not directly near a heat source.

Ventilation of the cooling unit

Lowest energy consumption for noiseless absorption minibars

The Dometic HiPro 6000 continues to redefine the standards of contemporary minibar design. With maximum customer satisfaction in mind we have scrutinised all the expectations in terms of cooling technology and storage. The standard version comes with two adjustable shelves and two multi-functional door racks, which provide plenty of flexible storage space. The inner door features “Bottle Body” Design to accommodate 1.5 l bottles. Its silent absorption technology ensures it won't cause disturbance while the unique Fuzzy Logic technology guarantees the highest levels of energy efficiency. Sensor-controlled interior LED light and automatic defrost boost convenience. HiPro minibars excel by their unique design and host of innovative technological features.


SKU number 9105706964 
Model HiPro 6000 Standard 
Model on label HiPro 6000 
Scope of delivery 1 fridge,operating manual ,installation manual 
Refrigeration technology Absorption 
Dimensions product depth 475 mm
Dimensions product height 568 mm
Dimensions product width 490 mm
Net weight 17 kg
Gross volume 50.00 l
Storage volume - total 48.00 l
Fridge storage volume 48.00 l
Input voltage (AC) 240 V
Rated input power (AC) 80 W
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Refrigerant amount 136 g
Noise (DIN60704-1 & 60704-2-14) 0.00 dB(A)
Average energy consumption at AC (EN62552) 0.70 kWh/24h
Energy class EU (1060/2010/EC)
Climate class (EN62552) SN 
Colour Anthracite Dark NCS S-8502B 
Thermostat control Electronic Thermostat 
Hinge type Right hinged 
Interior light Yes, LED 
Certificates CE 
EAN-13 4014742208279 
Dimensions parcel depth 537 mm
Dimensions parcel height 577 mm
Dimensions parcel width 537 mm
Parcel weight 20 kg