Sanitation Additive

This toilet additive for the flush tank both protects and cleans your toilet. Use to lengthen the life of your toilet.
  • Protective cleaning
  • Smoother flush
  • Pleasant fragrance : 9107200001 Visit support page + FAQ
...and more
    • Provides a micro-thin protective layer against stains
    • Protects the workings of your toilet to ensure a smoother flush
    • Pleasant fragrance from an integrated deodoriser
    • Suitable for all portable and cassette toilets

Take extra care of your toilet

Dometic ExtraCare Pink is a pleasantly fragranced liquid, with an integrated deodoriser and containing many protective properties for your toilet. Not only does it create a smoother flush, it also guards the rubber seal against corrosion and prevents staining and scaling of the bowl with a micro-thin protective layer. It reduces the build-up of scale, facilitates cleaning and generally defends your toilet against damage. Add it to your flush tank or straight in to the bowl.


SKU number 9107200001 
Model Extra Care 
Product Description Sanitation Additive 
Dimensions product depth 60.2 mm
Dimensions product height 287.02 mm
Dimensions product width 140.21 mm
Net weight 1.54 kg
EAN-13 931391005284 
Dimensions parcel depth 68 mm
Dimensions parcel height 281 mm
Dimensions parcel width 149 mm
Parcel weight 1.62 kg