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Dometic Optimus EPS Pump
Optimus EPS Pump for Large Inboards

The Dometic Optimus EPS Pump ensures the smooth and reliable operation of the Optimus system, while at the same time reducing overall power consumption. With sealed locking connections, there is always a reliable cable connection, protected from vibrations.
  • On demand hydraulic steering pump
  • Simplified auto-purge mode
  • SAE J-1171 rated motor : 9130000316 (EP1600) Visit support page + FAQ


The Dometic Optimus EPS Pump offers simplicity within the Optimus system. With a simplified auto-purge mode and integrated service/bypass valve, maintenance of your system has never been easier. The on-demand nature of the pump significantly reduces overall power consumption and is designed using a SAE J-1171 rated motor.
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With over 75 years dedicated to command and control innovation, SeaStar Solutions has become the leading, global provider of vessel control, fuel systems and system integration in the marine industry. As SeaStar becomes Dometic, we will continue this journey together and expand our portfolio of market leading marine solutions.

Dometic Optimus EPS Pump
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    • On demand hydraulic steering pump
    • Simplified auto-purge mode
    • Designed using SAE J-1171 rated motor
    • Compatible with third party autopilot systems
    • Integrated service/bypass valve
    • Significantly reduces overall power consumption
    • No oil cooler required for hydraulic fluid

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We help you meet your essential needs at sea. Like cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene and much more. With SeaStar Solutions becoming a part of Dometic we now offer even more comfort onboard. Take command of your vessel with Optimus Electronic Power Steering Systems or command the sea with any of our SeaStar, BayStar, or Xtreme steering products. Dometic SeaStar offers the most reliable, safe, and easy to use steering products on the marine market.


SKU number 9130000316 
Model Inboard 
Product Description Optimus EPS Pump for Large Inboards 
Dimensions product depth 6 1/2 "
Dimensions product height 10.90 "
Dimensions product width 11.80 "
Net weight 20.32 lbs
Input voltage (DC) 12 V
Operating temperature min -18.00 °C
Operating temperature max 77.00 °C
Parcel weight 23 lbs