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As the captain of your vessel, you'll enjoy the comfort and reliability of Dometic Marine. With products ranging from steering, controls, sanitation, climate & refigeration, the comforts of home will never be far out of reach. Even if you 're miles offshore.

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        First-time boating tips

        Heading out on your first boating adventure? Ensure your boat is kitted out with the right gear for a comfortable journey. Dive into a variety of boat accessories, from to , ensuring optimal comfort. Plan ahead by choosing the best —pleated, roller, or venetian—to enhance privacy and comfort on board. Fine-tune your boat's trim with reliable for a stable and efficient ride. Cruise the waters confidently with top-notch boat accessories and parts from Dometic. 

        How do I keep my boat cool?

        Wondering how to keep your boat cool under the Aussie sun? Beat the heat with a reliable specially designed for marine conditions. Explore our range of marine AC units to discover the perfect fit for your vessel. Whether you're cruising or anchored, our advanced AC systems guarantee a refreshing climate on board. Stay cool and comfortable—keep your boat chilled with our premium boat air conditioning solutions. 

        The best boat accessories

        Elevate your boating experience in Australia with top-tier accessories prioritizing comfort and convenience. Enhance privacy on your vessel with premium , including pleated, roller, and venetian options. Upgrade your with essential appliances such as stoves, cooktops, ovens, and kettles. Explore luxurious like roman blinds to add a touch of opulence. Dive into our selection of must-have premium boat accessories for a cozy and enjoyable time on the water. 

        How does a boat toilet work?

        Curious about boat toilets for your Australian boating adventures? Let's simplify it for you. Boat toilets operate through a straightforward mechanism. Unlike conventional toilets, marine toilets use a pump or macerator to break down waste, which is then expelled into the holding tank. The choice between manual and electric flushing depends on your preference. Manual toilets involve a hand pump, while electric ones use a motor for effortless flushing. Explore our range of for a hassle-free and sanitary boating experience.