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Inflatable Tents

Our inflatable camping tent sizes range from 2-8 people and are suitable for smaller groups or a whole family. Explore our range of inflatable tents and decide which one is the best fit for you. Innovative AirFrame technology combined with multi-inflation points make the tents pop up quickly and easily. Our ultra-lightweight yet robust inflatable tents add convenience to camping adventures.

The Compact Tent series

The Compact Tent series

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    AirFrame Technology for Quick and Easy Setup

    Inflatable tents, often referred to as Air Tents, are designed with AirFrame technology, which eliminates the need for traditional poles. Instead, durable inflatable beams or tubes serve as the framework, providing structure and stability to the tent. The absence of poles significantly reduces the setup time, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors. With the aid of a pump, these tents can be inflated and ready for use in a matter of minutes, even for larger tents accommodating up to 8 people.

    Multi-Inflation Points for Added Convenience

    To ensure a sturdy and secure setup, Dometic inflatable tents are equipped with multiple inflation points strategically placed throughout the structure. This design feature allows for an even distribution of air pressure, minimising the risk of over-inflation or uneven inflation. Additionally, the presence of multiple inflation points facilitates easy deflation, making the pack-up process quick and efficient. You can simply release the air from each inflation point, ensuring a hassle-free teardown and packing experience.

    Versatile Sizes for Different Group Sizes

    Dometic inflatable tents come in a range of sizes, accommodating singles, couples or groups of 3 to 8 people. Whether you are camping with your family or a group of friends, there's an inflatable tent suitable for your needs. The spacious interior of these tents provides ample room for sleeping, storing gear, and enjoying quality time together. Some models also offer separate sleeping compartments or additional living space, enhancing comfort and privacy during your camping trip.

    Why you should consider an inflatable tent

    Inflatable tents have revolutionised the camping experience, offering campers a convenient and efficient shelter solution. With their AirFrame technology and multi-inflation points, these tents enable quick and easy setup, saving you valuable time and effort. Their ultra-lightweight yet robust construction ensures durability and portability, making them an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts on the go. With a range of sizes available, inflatable tents cater to different group sizes, providing spacious and comfortable accommodation for your camping adventures. Embrace the convenience and comfort of inflatable tents, and elevate your camping experience to new heights of enjoyment and relaxation.