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When it comes to outdoor activities, having reliable and easily portable shelter is essential. Our activity shelters are perfect for spontaneous outings – just grab them and go, conveniently inflate in seconds and start enjoying the outdoors directly from your HUB. Whether you’re going surfing, climbing, mountain biking or engaging in any other adventure sport, our activity tents are designed to be modular, allowing you to personalise them with mesh wall panels and waterproof fabrics to protect you from all elements. Elevate your perfect base camp by adding accessories such as portable power or collapsible furniture and enjoy your outdoor activities with peace of mind.

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    Dometic HUB 2 REDUX
    Dometic HUB 2 REDUX

    Dometic HUB 2 REDUX

    Inflatable, lightweight activity shelter

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    Dometic HUB 2 REDUX Inner Tent

    Dometic HUB 2 REDUX Inner Tent

    HUB 2 sleeping inner tent

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    Explore our solutions for outdoor shelter

    Whether you’re planning a spontaneous outing or gearing up for a specific adventure sport, our activity shelters are designed to meet your unique needs. Explore the versatility of our modular tents, allowing you to customise them with mesh wall panels and waterproof fabrics for protection against the elements. Discover the perfect outdoor shelter solution that enhances your outdoor experience and sets the stage for unforgettable adventures.  

    Waterproof and reliable shelters

    Ensure your comfort in any weather with our waterproof and reliable caravan shelters. Crafted to withstand the elements, our shelters provide a robust and protective environment for your outdoor activities. From sudden rain showers to blazing sun, our caravan shelters offer a waterproof haven that keeps you dry and comfortable. Explore the outdoors with confidence, knowing that our reliable shelters are designed to provide a waterproof barrier against unpredictable weather conditions. 

    Portable awnings and shelters for comfort on-the-go

    Experience comfort on-the-go with our portable awnings and shelters. Designed for ease of use and convenience, our shelters are easy to store and incredibly portable. Whether you’re setting up a basecamp for outdoor activities or seeking shade on a sunny day, our portable awnings provide the perfect solution. Embrace the freedom to enjoy the outdoors comfortably with our portable shelters that enhance your on-the-go lifestyle. 

    Easily storable and conveniently portable 

    Make outdoor shelter a seamless part of your adventure with our outdoor shelter solutions. Our activity shelters are perfect for those who value mobility and efficiency. Simply grab them and go – these shelters can be inflated in seconds, providing you with instant protection and flexibility. Enhance your outdoor activities with shelters that are not only easily storable but also effortlessly portable, allowing you to make the most of every moment in the great outdoors.