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Dometic Thermo Bottle 120

Wide mouth insulated 1200 ml bottle with flip cap

This 1.2-litre, double-walled stainless steel bottle holds enough cold or hot drinks for a larger crew. You can fill cups and glasses, or drink directly from the bottle. The functional cap has a built-in sturdy handle for convenient carrying and a stainless steel locking clip for added safety. Optional add-on caps widen the scope of applications.

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Product Highlights

Optional add-on caps
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Optional add-on caps

Use one and the same bottle for multiple applications

Sturdy handle cap
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Sturdy handle cap

Integrated handle for convenient carrying and locking clip for added security

Double-wall insulation
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Double-wall insulation

Keeps drinks hot for 12 h or cold for 24 h

Durable design for many years of use

Comes standard with a sturdy handle cap for convenient carrying

Dishwasher-safe for effortless and hygienic cleaning

Cap with stainless steel locking clip for added safety

Double-wall insulation keeps drinks hot for 12 h or cold for 24 h

Optional add-on caps allow you to use one and the same bottle for various activities


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Fuel in your hands

Fuel in your hands

The robust construction of Dometic drinkware is ideal for use in the outdoors. Convenient to clean and comfortable to use, the drinkware can also be used for hot and cold drinks. So, whether you need refreshment while hiking in blissful isolation or seek warmth on a cold winter morning, fuel your body with the liquid comfort it needs.

Thirst for adventure

Thirst for adventure

It’s always rewarding to push yourself, to go further. It’s the sense of achievement you get when you sit down and take in the long awaited view across the valley, forest or lake – you earned it. And our drinkware is there to support you. Not just by holding the liquid fuel that sustains you. But thanks to their tough design that is ready to push through the limits with you, however harsh the conditions. All so that you can end the day with a cup of satisfaction.

Drink in the moment

Drink in the moment

Watching your children play in the waves. Singing greatest hits with friends around the campfire. The best trips have moments that will live with you forever. Our drinkware range is designed with durability in mind. Take it anywhere, without worrying about it breaking. Keeping you conveniently hydrated and relaxed. So whatever is inside your Dometic drinkware, you will have the right frame of mind to drink in the moment.

Refill and reuse

Refill and reuse

The tough design of Dometic drinkware and high-quality stainless steel construction makes them fit for years of use and reduces your need to purchase disposable bottles and cups, helping you to contribute to a more sustainable world and reduce plastic waste in nature.

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