Dometic TRT140M

Rooftop 4WD tent, manual

Suitable for any 4WD, the Dometic TRT140M is constructed from durable materials and can be set up in a matter of minutes. A peaceful night’s sleep is guaranteed with the 5 cm thick, high density foam mattress which is big enough to comfortably fit two people. Entering the tent is easy thanks to the lightweight, telescopic aluminium ladder.

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Easy access
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Easy access

Access the tent with the lightweight telescopic aluminium ladder

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Tent cover is manufactured from durable water-resistant PVC

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Lightweight aluminium frame

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Two layer fabric construction for excellent thermal insulation

Keep insects out
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Keep insects out

Four double layered windows ensure effective ventilation

5 cm high density foam mattress big enough to sleep two

Water resistant and UPF 50+ two layer fabric

Can be set up and packed down in a matter of minutes

Heavy duty PVC tent cover

Integrated fly screen to allow airflow through the tent and keep insects out

Lightweight telescopic aluminium ladder

Tent frame is made from lightweight aluminium alloy

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Rooftop 4WD tent, manual

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Dometic TRT120, TRT140, TCA100, TMA100 - Operating Manual APAC(en)

Operating Manual

A peaceful night's sleep under the stars

A peaceful night's sleep under the stars

Experience more with the Dometic TRT140M rooftop tent. The TRT140M includes a 5 cm, high density foam mattress that’s big enough to comfortably sleep two people. Built for the outdoors, the TRT140M features a two layer fabric construction, suitable for even the most remote destinations in the middle of winter. The TRT140M’s robust design is further enhanced by a durable water resistant PVC tent cover with a UPF 50+ protection rating, and can handle just about anything that is thrown at it. Thanks to the integrated fly screens, you can get plenty of airflow through the tent while keeping insects out. Despite the robust construction of the TRT140M, its frame is made from lightweight aluminium alloy.

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