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Whether you’re planning to get away for a few hours or a few days, a reliable fridge/freezer or cooler is a must. We're sure you will find what you need here. We offer portable fridge/freezers and iceboxes with extremely effective insulation. To get the most out of your fridge/freezer or cooler we offer you add-ons such as slides for your 4x4, truck, trailer, or RV, protective covers, replacement parts, strap kits and more.

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    Portable Fridges/Freezers

    Dometic's range of portable fridge/freezers, designed to keep your food and beverages fresh and chilled wherever your outdoor adventures take you. With advanced cooling technology and robust construction, our portable fridges/freezers provide reliable performance in even the harshest conditions.

    Choose from a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your needs, whether you're camping, on the boat or on a roadtrip. The efficient cooling systems ensure rapid temperature control and energy-saving operation, while the durable exterior ensures long-lasting durability.

    All our portable fridge/freezers and coolers come with user-friendly controls and convenient features that make it easy to organise and access your items. With Dometic, you can enjoy the luxury of cold drinks and fresh food, no matter where you go. Explore our range and elevate your outdoor experience.


    Dometic range of iceboxes provides you the ultimate cooling solution for outdoor adventures. Our iceboxes are meticulously crafted to keep your food and beverages chilled, ensuring freshness and enjoyment during your outdoor adventures.

    Built with durable materials and innovative insulation, our iceboxes deliver outstanding ice retention capabilities, even in the most demanding conditions. With various sizes and designs available, you can choose the perfect icebox to suit your needs, whether you're camping, boating, or enjoying a day at the beach.

    Featuring robust handles, secure latches, and efficient drainage systems, Dometic iceboxes are designed for convenience and ease of use. Experience the freedom of keeping your provisions cool and preserved with Dometic reliable iceboxes. Browse our range today and enhance your outdoor adventures.

    Camping fridge/freezer

    Dometic's selection of camping fridge/freezers are designed to revolutionise your outdoor experience. Our camping fridge/freezers combine the convenience of a refrigerator and a freezer, providing you with the ultimate cooling solution on your camping trips.

    With advanced compressor technology, our camping fridge freezers deliver rapid and efficient cooling, ensuring your food stays fresh and your drinks icy cold. The rugged and durable construction ensures they can withstand the demands of outdoor adventures.

    Featuring user-friendly controls, adjustable temperature settings, and ample storage space, our camping fridge/freezers make it easy to keep your provisions organised and easily accessible. Experience the luxury of enjoying fresh food and refreshing beverages on your camping expeditions with Dometic's camping fridge/freezers. Browse our range now and elevate your outdoor cooking and dining experience.

    Benefits of using Dometic products for iceboxes and portable fridge/freezers

    Discover the exceptional benefits of choosing Dometic for your iceboxes and portable fridge/freezers. With a legacy of quality and innovation, Dometic ensures an unparalleled outdoor experience.

    Reliability is at the core of our products. Our iceboxes and portable fridge/freezers are engineered with robust construction, advanced cooling technology, and efficient energy consumption, guaranteeing superior performance even in extreme conditions.

    Versatility is another key advantage. Our range offers various sizes and configurations to suit your specific needs, whether you're embarking on a camping trip or exploring the open road.

    Trust Dometic to elevate your outdoor adventures with reliable, durable, and efficient iceboxes and portable fridge/freezers. Experience the freedom to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold, no matter where your journey takes you. Explore our range today for the ultimate outdoor cooling solutions.